The Akashic Pendulum Readings Package


Every time I design a new Pro Shop tick and/or pitch book package, it inevitably becomes my ‘favorite’. And so it was with the Akashic Pendulum Readings package.

If you’ve ever seen the look of wonder and fascination that comes over a client’s face the first time they use a pendulum, you can imagine how powerful a reading is that features answers and wisdom brought forth with a pendulum held in their own hands.

Although the system is flexible and can certainly be tailored to your own personal style, here’s one typical scenario ...

The Akashic Pendulum Reading Scenario

In the ‘Akashic Pendulum Reading’, the client is taught how to use the pendulum and discovers specific information about one of their past lives, which is recorded on one of your custom-designed tick cards. The beauty of the Akashic Pendulum presentation is that the information is actually being channeled by the client themselves!

In the next phase of the reading, the client focuses on a current concern and, using the pendulum, you’re able to connect the client with their own personal guardian angel that handles that specific area of their life.

Finally, the client uses a bit of angelic inspiration to reveal a piece of meaningful wisdom that they can use in the days and weeks to come. Everything gets packaged in an attractive keepsake folder for the client to take with them.

If you've ever wanted to deliver a "daylight seance" like John Edward and other popular mediums, but are uncomfortable with the potential creepiness that can occasionally come from talking with dead people, you will definitely appreciate the impact of the Akashic Pendulum Reading.

The Akashic Pendulum Reading Tick Card Set

Three Tick Cards. Designed from the ground up, the three tick cards that come with the Akashic Pendulum Readings package make using a pendulum in the context of a reading a genuine pleasure. Depending on the setting and length of the reading, you can use them together or separately, and they're compact enough that you can even use them for walkaround.

"Why three tick cards?", you might ask. The answer is that the three tick cards can be used to divine anything from general information (as with the "generic" Pendulum Chart tick card) all the way to very specific details (the Past Life Pendulum Chart). And, the Akashic Records Chart can be used as a pocket Ouija board, if you like!

Customized digital templates. As with many of the PRO SHOP products, your professionally-designed Akashic Pendulum Readings tick card templates are customized with your personal information and delivered to you via digital download. This means that you can have these professional tools in your hands within a few days of ordering them, and be delivering compelling readings in no time at all.

Why Tick Cards?

If you've never used a tick card in your readings before, you should know that using one of these beauties has several big benefits:

• Uniform readings. By using a tick card, every reading follows a standard format, guaranteeing that you hit all the necessary high points.

• Natural marketing. Every client walks away from the reading with an advertising piece that contains all of your contact information, and you can be sure they'll be showing it to all their friends, too!

• Easy to carry. These compact tick cards fit perfectly in a pocket or wallet, and they take up practically no room at all, meaning you are ready to give a reading at the drop of a hat.

• Instant recall. The beauty of using the PRO SHOP tick cards is that even if you haven't done a reading in months, it takes all of about 30 seconds to look at the tick card, and you're back in the game and ready to give a powerful reading.

The Angel Cards

Angelic Protection & Angel Message Cards. Like the tick cards, the Angel Cards can be used as part of the scenario described above, or in conjunction with other readings that you may offer. Not to sound like some Madison Avenue advertising person, but if you haven't noticed, "angels are hot" with many of the people who come to you for readings.

I originally started using the Angel Cards at the end of my regular readings a while ago, and they almost always bring a smile and a look of understanding to the face of the client. It's definitely a nice way to wrap up a reading, and gives them a positive reminder to focus on after the reading is over.

Collectible. Your clients will find the Pendulum Charts and the Angel Cards to be wonderful and captivating momentos of their experience with you, and they will undoubtedly want to show them to their friends and family -- which is always a good thing, since your name and contact information are prominently displayed on every one of them.

The Akashic Pendulum Readings Manuscript

The Akashic Pendulum Readings Manuscript. I often joke with friends that someday I'll be able to write a two-page instruction sheet for one of my products. That is not the case here, however, and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself writing this manuscript. Based on many real-world experiences with clients, the Akashic Pendulum Readings manuscript guides you word-for-word and step-by-step through a typical reading, and follows that up with a Commentary section in which every phase of the reading is examined for maximum understanding.

INSIDE "The Akashic Pendulum Readings Manuscript" ...

• Full script for a typical reading
• A Few Words About Past Life Readings
• Pendulum training
• What if the pendulum doesn't move?
• Specific information
• Free-Form Fun
• Opening the Akashic File Cabinet
• The Prediction
• "I handed her one of my business cards..."
• The Angel's Message
• Resource section

And to think this all came about because I wanted to offer a simple pitch book on the pendulum ...

The Pitch Book:

"Secrets of the Pendulum"

Of course, before the client goes, you’ll want to let them know about your book, “Secrets of the Pendulum.” This is a concise yet information-packed booklet that will teach them how to make their own pendulum, and how to use it to divine their own past, present and future.

This compact 16-page pitch book is packed with useful information that your clients will be able to put into practice immediately to enjoy the benefits available from using the pendulum. And, like all of the Pro Shop pitch books, you can sell or give away as many as you like.

"Secrets of the Pendulum" is an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand book that your customers will hang on to forever, and show it to all their friends. And since your name is prominently displayed on the book, along with your bio and contact information, this book becomes a perpetual marketing tool for you.

When printed and folded, this cost-effective book measures 5.5" by 8.5", and because you own the digital master for the pitch book, you can either print these at home on your own printer or have your local printer do all the work. Most of the printers in my area charge about five cents a page, meaning a single copy costs far less than a dollar.

This is a can't-miss product that you can make yourself for less than a dollar ... and charge your customers whatever you want. When used after a performance, you could easily double or triple your appearance fee by simply selling these customized pitch books before and after your show. Even if you sell them for $2 or $3 each, you'll easily make your investment back at your next appearance, and then some. After that, it's just pure profit.

Plus, with every order of "Secrets of the Pendulum", you also get the Special Report, "18 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book." By using just a few of the secret insider techniques described in this special report, you'll be able to use your pitch book to bring in even more cash.

The Bottom Line

When I debuted this package at the 14th annual ICBM Gathering, I was told once again that I was practically giving it away. To the working professional, this offer is just an incredible value, and something you'll be able to start using immediately.

Here's how these components would be priced if they were available separately:

• The Akashic Pendulum Tick Card Template Set:
• The Akashic Pendulum Readings Manuscript:
• The "Secrets of the Pendulum" Pitch Book:
• Angel Message & Protection Cards:
• "18 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book.":

As we've said many times before, the PRO SHOP products aren't exactly cheap. To be fair, it takes time to develop and deliver customized material like this that meets our high level of quality. However, if you consider that you can easily make your initial investment back the first time you take this material out to present readings to the public, the upfront investment becomes extremely reasonable to the working pro.

Make no mistake about it -- the prices are deliberately set high to discourage those who simply don't need these kinds of materials (at this point in their careers, at least). As odd as it may sound, many of the pros who are Pro Shop regulars have thanked me for making our products expensive, since that also makes them that much more exclusive. As a working professional myself, I can certainly appreciate this viewpoint. And as a business owner, I would be negligent if I didn't listen to my best customers.

If you're ready to order The Akashic Pendulum Readings Package, simply click on the "Add To Cart" button below.

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Ordering Information

1) To order, simply click on the "Add To Cart" button for the item you want.
2) You'll be transferred to the PayPal credit card processing website and asked for your name, credit card, email and phone information.
3) When you click on the "Submit" button, your credit card account will be charged.
4) When PayPal notifies us of your payment, we'll email you for your customization information (bio, photo, contact info).
5) Depending on the timing of the transaction (weekday vs. weekend, for example), we're usually able to contact you and send you your customized book within 24 - 48 hours -- sometimes even less than that.
6) If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email us.

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for The Pro Shop newsletter. Aside from word-of-mouth, that's the ony way you can be sure to hear about special offers like this one. (By the way, we NEVER sell, rent or trade any of your personal information. For details on our privacy policy, click HERE.)

The Fine Print

This offer is for a single digital MASTER copy of the pitch book and tick sheet/card templates ordered, with the exception of "The AKASHIC PENDULUM READINGS Manuscript", and the "18 Ways..." report. Your purchase gives you the right to print and sell as many copies of the pitch book and tick sheet/card products under your own name as you like, but it does NOT give you the right to sell, trade or give the master reprint rights to anyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: These proprietary publications are complete and professionally-produced products,
using high-end publishing software, and are available in the Adobe PDF format ONLY.

Please do not ask for a blank or open-source copy in Microsoft Word or other text-based formats.

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