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by The Reverend Sister Rae

"How To Give Legitmate Astrology Readings Without Knowing A Damn Thing
About Astrology"

Featuring the Sun Sign SoulMate Chart

The Astrology Without Tears Package

The Reverend Sister Rae's Astrology Without Tears is, as the subtitle suggests, a no-brainer system for giving legitimate astrology readings without having to do the heavy lifting of learning the complex workings of traditional astrology. At the heart of this easy-to-learn system is the Sun Sign SoulMate tick card, which contains all the cues you'll need to give an astrology reading for both individuals and couples.

Indeed, the strength of the
Sun Sign SoulMate tick card is that you can do a quick relationship compatibility reading for a couple which, as you might imagine, is perfect for a Valentine's Day singles event. Typically, these events are filled with single women and men who are looking for compatible partners, and a Sun Sign SoulMate reading will allow you to identify what astrological sign will provide the most fulfilling relationship for your clients.

Astrology Without Tears is a 45-page ebook that explains in detail how to take advantage of just three attributes of every astrological sign to deliver a reading that will be consistent with any full-blown astrological chart that would take hours to create -- and the Sun Sign SoulMate reading can be done in as little as two minutes. All you need is the
Sun Sign SoulMate tick card, a couple of highlighting pens, and a client who is looking for the perfect mate.

Here's what's included in 
Astrology Without Tears ...

 How to use the Sun Sign SoulMate Chart tick card

 The Two-Minute Sun Sign SoulMate Reading

 The Individual Sun Sign SoulMate Reading

 The Couples Sun Sign SoulMate Compatibility Reading

How to Deliver the "Bad" News of Incompatibility

 The Life Lesson Approach

 The Polished Gem Approach

 Accepting Responsibility and Limits

 How to modify your Sun Sign SoulMate tick card

As the last item suggests, the Astrology Without Tears Package comes with two templates -- one is an Adobe PDF file that you can print out as is and use immediately. The second template is a Microsoft Word-compatible file that can be modified with your own name and contact information on the back.

One of the secrets that drives skeptics and debunkers crazy is that even in our so-called enlightened times, a majority of people still hold astrology in high regard, with many of those people checking their horoscopes on a daily basis. Imagine how marketable a simple system like the
Sun Sign SoulMate reading can be, and not just for Valentine's Day events. Other venues that you can use the Sun Sign SoulMate reading system at include...






 Corporate Events

 Singles Events

 Private Readings

 Home Parties



 Psychic Fairs

Book only one of each of the events listed above every month, and you're talking about what some would consider to be a decent living.

The Sun Sign SoulMate reading is a versatile
system that is easy to learn and use, and if you've been hesitant about offering astrology readings because they seem too complicated, this is the perfect way to add this time-honored element to your performing palette.

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The Astrology Without Tears Package
featuring the Sun Sign SoulMate tick card

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