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The CAIRO CARDS are a set of business cards that can be used for any routine or application that uses marked cards. These are the same cards I've used for years, and now you can, too.

But, My Name Isn't "Cairo" ...

Of course, it isn't. And neither is mine, but I thought "CAIRO" looked a lot cooler than "John Smith" or any other name that would go where my name usually goes ... or where yours will go.

The central feature of the CAIRO CARDS Package is a Microsoft Word 2003 template for business cards that can be customized in just about any way you like.

You're not a palmistry consultant with offices in London, New York and Hollywood? No problem -- just open the CAIRO CARDS template in Microsoft Word 2003 and change the information on the cards so they become your business cards. Change the name, specialty, location ... add your contact information ... and you have a stylish-looking set of business cards ready to go.

Then, print them out on standard 8-1/2" x 11" Avery business card stock on your own printer or take them to a printer to run them off by the thousands.

In the interest of full disclosure, you probably won't want to change the cool-looking palmistry image, and you can probably guess why. That's what the ads like to call, "that special something", that allows you to work miracles with these cards.

Caveat Emptor

Now, maybe these cards aren't for you, and I'm not saying that as some kind of reverse-psychology marketing ploy.

If you don't own a copy of Microsoft Word 2003 (and I know, not everyone does), you won't be able to modify the cards with your own information. Or, if you really can't live with the palmistry hand that's featured prominently on the card, that's probably a deal-breaker, too.

The third reason you might not be able to use the CAIRO CARDS is if you can't get a hold of the standard 8-1/2" x 11" Avery business card stock (available online or at just about any office supply store in the States). But those are the only restrictions that I can think of that would prevent you from enjoying these highly deceptive cards.

How Deceptive is "Deceptive"?

The answer is "very" deceptive. In all the years I've used these cards, no one -- and I mean no one -- has ever discovered the marks, even when I've handed it to people who know what to look for and said, "These cards are marked ... can you spot how?"

That's not to say you couldn't find the marks if you wanted to, and once you know what you're looking for, they're ridiculously easy to spot. And that's what makes them perfect for just about any presentation that uses marked business cards.

The CAIRO CARDS Manuscript

And speaking of presentations, the CAIRO CARDS Package comes with a 24-page manuscript ("The CAIRO CARD Case") that features a three-phase presentation that puts the cards through their paces, including:


Psychic readings

• Q&A

This is a demonstration that can play for just about any group ...large or small ... for 10 minutes or an hour ... and all you need are some business cards and a pen.

And finally ...

To round out the CAIRO CARDS Package, I've included a template that allows you to print out a set of unmarked cards that look identical to the gaffed cards. Not that you'd ever need them, but I figured I'd include them for the truly paranoid person who wants to play it squeaky clean.

Sure, you could probably open your copy of Microsoft Word 2003 (and please note, it must be 2003 or higher), make up a set of these cards yourself, and avoid the expense of the CAIRO CARDS Package ... but why? I've already put in the long hours designing these, and that effort alone will save you a ton of time, and if you value your time the way I value mine, you'll be happy to pay the nominal price I'm asking for these.

So, to sum up: for a ridiculously small price, you get ...

The marked CAIRO CARDS template (Microsoft Word-compatible)

The unmarked CAIRO CARDS template (Microsoft Word-compatible)

• The 24-page "CAIRO CARDS" manual

The Bottom Line

To order the Pro Shop CAIRO CARDS Package, simply click on the Add To Cart button below.


Only $37.00

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