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If you've been thinking of offering psychic readings, but have been afraid you wouldn't know how to deal with those "sensitive" questions, Gene's COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER is just what you're looking for. Using clear and concise language, Gene details the approach he has used for many years with great success.

Just so you know, COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER isn't something cobbled together from what other psychic readers have copied from other psychic readers ... it's based on the only psychological system that has been statistically proven to be effective in real-world therapy sessions.

Several years in development, COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER describes legitimate counseling techniques for the reader. Clearly written and easy to understand, this book deals comprehensively and exhaustively with effective, proven techniques that you can put to use almost immediately ... what to do and how to do it ... what to say and how to say it.

Perhaps even more important, COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER teaches you what NOT to say.

In this book, you'll find ...

• The difference between Q&A vs. Private Readings

• The best way to answer questions

• Five basic principles for effective readings

• Six conditions necessary for positive results

• 19 keys to understanding human nature

• Actual counselor-client transcript

• Practice exercises

• Reference section for further study

IF you're not a con artist trying to convince your clients their money is cursed ... and IF you really want to help the people who come to you for guidance ... then you'll want to benefit from Gene's gentle-yet-effective approach to giving readings.

Real-world Advice For Psychic Readers

Some mentalists are disturbed by the idea of "untrained" psychic readers giving advice, and they're not entirely off-base with their concern. In fact, it's a little-known secret that the giving of any kind of advice is probably the least effective approach a private reader can take. This book deals specifically with this problem and shows you how to avoid it.

COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER is an expansion of the Bonus Yellow Sheet Insert Gene wrote for Bascom Jones's MAGICK. In Gene's recent publication of The MAGICK Years, he wrote the following:

"Despite what I thought was a very clear description of the process, Bascom didn't get it right.

And, despite the fact that Bascom didn't get it right, it was still impressive enough for T.A. Waters to say it was one of the best things he'd ever seen in MAGICK.

I may have made a mistake in trying to describe this in a couple of pages, which may be why Bascom had trouble with it. Indeed, since then, I've expanded this Yellow Sheet into a full-size book, COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER."

COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER was originally sold for $50 to a select number of professionals who knew how to contact Gene directly -- it was never available through traditional dealers. By popular request, the Pro Shop is once again making this classic publication available AND, for a limited time, it will be available with another sought-after book of Gene's ...

Pro Shop Exclusive Bonus #1:


An Ancient Treatise
Brought to Light

The FOXXFYRE Papers is a captivating story of how a very old, mysterious manuscript came into Gene's possession PLUS the manuscript itself. Unavailable for several years now, this manuscript is available once again, but ONLY to purchasers of COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER. This unusual manuscript details information on the delivery of effective psychic readings, plus the story of its discovery and translation.


"PLEASE NOTE: This is an OLD manuscript. It was old when it first came to my attention back in the days of World War II. Some may consider it out of date. Nevertheless, it contains basic information allegedly never before seen in this form. To get its full value, you must READ BETWEEN THE LINES."

Originally sold for $30, The FOXXFYRE Papers is no longer available except as a premium bonus with COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER.

And, as if that weren't enough, this special package includes ...

Pro Shop Exclusive Bonus #2:

A Conversation
Gene Nielsen

In late August of 2006, Gene agreed to sit down for an informal conversation in which he talked some more about the ideas that are discussed in COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR PRIVATE READERS. As might be expected, we got off-topic a bit ... which, when you're talking with Gene, is almost always a good thing.

I'd always wanted to ask Gene about was his experiences on the psychic phone lines during the 90s, so I was glad when the conversation started going down that road. If you've ever wondered what it's like working as a telephone psychic, you'll appreciate this insider look at the business, and you're bound to pick up some valuable tips that can be used regardless of the venue you offer your readings in.

Like the FOXXFYRE Papers bonus, this exclusive interview with Gene is only available through The Pro Shop, and it's only available with the purchase of the COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR PRIVATE READERS package.

The Bottom Line ...

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A Conversation with Gene Nielsen

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