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Within The Dark Circle
Nelson's Spirit Manifestations

Stefan Dardik's
Two Essential Golden Age Manuscripts
for Seance Workers and
Golden Age Mentalism Fans

Stefan Dardik is an avid collector of spirit magic, seance equipment and seance history, and his writings have appeared in the PEA newsletter "Vibrations", the bizarre magick journal "Oracle", and several Neal Scryer books, to name just a few places you may have seen his work. The Pro Shop is pleased to present two essential Golden Age manuscripts from Stefan Dardik that lay bare the inner workings of the dark seance, a critical component of any theatrical seance presentation.

The first manuscript is a rare Robert Nelson publication that mysteriously disappeared from Nelson catalogs in 1946...

Nelson's Spirit Manifestations

In addition to being a seasoned performer, private reader, and radio psychic, Robert Nelson was also a masterful writer of ad copy. Here's how he described Spirit Manifestations in Nelson Enterprises Catalog 19...

"Weird, eerie and baffling pseudo spirit manifestations are easy to accomplish, and with very little preparation or expense, once you know how! Dr. RaMayne, eminent authority on Pseudo-spiritism here reveals many of the inner secrets of the 'spook parlors', including a few of the never-before revealed effects.

The full range of spirit manifestations are discussed, explained and amplified in this work. Including manifestations, Spirit Light, new sound effects, 'bees', slate writing, ectoplasm, materialization and a bew of luminous effects.

Supplementing the strange revelations of the Spirit parlor is a section devoted to spirit tricks, materializations, etc., with ordinary luminous paint. This section is most complete and should prove of immense value to the ghost worker."

Whether you are already offering a seance to your clients, thinking about adding a seance to your catalog of services, or just a student of mentalism's diverse history, Spirit Manifestations will be a valuable resource for you.

Here's a partial listing of the contents of "Spirit Manifestations"...

•  Opening the seance

•  How to arrange the seance circle

•  What's wrong with most seances

•  How to froth at the mouth (!)

Spirit rapping

•  Message bearing

•  Use of slates

•  The best reaching rod

•  Materialization of spirit images

•  Pre-seance work

•  How to produce spirit sounds

•  Spirit sensations

• Luminous apparitions

"I am so delighted that you are doing what's necessary to preserve this material in a more future-friendly digital format.
~~ Lee Earle

Blessed Be...

Many seances of the day emphasized the fact that the seance medium was securely tied before the lights went out. While Nelson was very thorough in describing how he presented a seance, he didn't go into detail on how to get loose from the ropes that prevented him from engaging in any shenanigans, preferring instead to  promote his "Instantaneous Spirit Tie".

We wanted to go above and beyond, however, so included in this re-issue is S.W. Reilly's "Spirit Rope Ties: An Expose of Secret Methods", in which he gives step-by-step, illustrated instructions on six different methods for escaping the ties that bind.

In addition to the Spirit Manifestations and Spirit Rope Ties manuscripts, we added a section that features the original ads for the Nelson products promoted in "Spirit Manifestations", including Nelson's Spirit Rapper, Floating Spirit Faces, the Phantom Ghost Projector, Spirit Trumpets, Ectoplasm, Luminous Novelties, Spirit Slates, and more. The artwork for these ads is, in a word, priceless.

For some people (myself included), part of the "Nelson Experience" is in the look and feel -- and smell -- of the original manuscript. Typed up on the most advanced typewriter of the day and run off on a mimeograph machine, there is just something about reading Nelson's devious methods in their original form that can't be described. Unfortunately, we can't duplicate the feel or smell of the original manuscript, but we have included a section that contains scans of "Spirit Manifestations" that recreate the anticipation and discovery that came with every order placed with Nelson Enterprises.

All in all, this 54-page e-book is all you'd really need to start presenting your own Dark Seance.

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Nelson's Spirit Manifestations

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"But wait -- keep reading for an even better deal..."

Within The Dark Circle

A feature of seances in the early days was the use of spirit trumpets to convey the voices of the seance medium's spirit guides and the dearly departed souls of the seance attendees. In some seances, the trumpets actually floated in the air, held in the hands of unseen spirits. Here's a picture of the spirit trumpet Nelson sold:

Within The Dark Circle
explains in detail what went into presenting a trumpet seance, and quite a bit more. It was anonymously written in 1939 by someone who was either a seance medium or acted as an assistant to one, and provides a level of detail and understanding that only comes from working in the trenches.

Here's what's covered in Within The Dark Circle...

• Trumpet Seance #1: Using One Trumpet
• Trumpet Sιance #2 [With Two Trumpets And A Worker]
• Trumpet #3 With Further Advice And Suggestions
• Using A Table
• Producing Lights
• Spirit Raps
• Going Into A Spirit Trance
• Materialization And Its Phases
• Test Cases For Materialization
• A Masterful Method
• The Mental Sιance Circle – Dark And Light
• An Effective Manner For Securing Information On The Sitters
• Advertising And Charging
• Appendix: Seance Resources

And lest you think the spirit trumpet is just a dusty relic of the past, a quick Internet search reveals that seances are still being held today that feature spirit trumpet mediumship. This 34-page e-book is nothing less than a rare insider's look at what goes on when the lights go off... and an essential resource for any serious student of seance work.

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Within The Dark Circle

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Here's the best deal...

Because Spirit Manifestations and Within The Dark Circle are so complementary, it only makes sense to offer them together as a package deal.

Order Both "Spirit Manifestations" and "Within The Dark Circle" Now

Spirit Manifestations/Within The Dark Circle Bundle

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