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Doctor A
The Doctor "A" Anthology is the seventh in a series of reissues of hard-to-find Nelson publications from the Golden Age of Mentalism (for the full background on the Pro Shop Nelson Re-Issue Series, please go here).

The Doctor "A" Anthology is a unique release in that it gathers in one book all of the Dr. A material that Nelson published as separate manuscripts, including "The Secrets of Doctor A", "The Astounding Dr. A Prediction Reading", and excerpts from "Secret Methods of Private Readers". Prior to the release of The Doctor "A" Anthology, you'd have to own all three Nelson manuscripts -- if you could find them -- to get a clear picture of Dr. A and his methodologies.

If you're not a Robert Nelson aficianado, you may be wondering...

"Who WAS Doctor A?"

Here's how Nelson described Doctor A in 1946...

"Dr. A is a very real-life figure, having devoted 33 years of his life as a very successful office reader and clairvoyant. Due to the fact that he is still operating, and has given us full permission to publish his unique secret, he must remain anonymous for the present.

He has devised, created and used what we regard as one of the finest — if not the finest — methods of giving private readings — of reading the minds of others.

His system is so subtle and versatile that he gives thought-staggering readings and demonstrations under the most adverse conditions, whether it be in his own private office, at a dining room table, or a bar stool, or standing very much inebriated under a convenient street light."

So, What's In "The Doctor A Anthology"?

In Nelson's own words, here's what's included in this exclusive e-book:

The Secrets of Doctor A: For answering individual questions — private readings — to publicize your ability as a mindreader anywhere — this is it. The "answer" for night club or hotel table reader! For private office work, we feel this work will prove invaluable to any reader — it not only gives his unique method of private reading, but superb patter lines — psychological approach — little effects and sensational knockouts that he has carefully guarded these long years.

The Further Exploits of Doctor A: Written from his personal notes and transcribed recordings, much material from "Secret Methods of Private Readers" is based upon the actual technique and methods of Dr. A, including The Beauty Shop Racket, a step-by-step explanation of how readings are arranged and booked days in advance, a new and subtle advertising technique, and how cases are built
— the big money income!

The Astounding Doctor A Prediction Reading: A method wherein the medium pre­dicts the questions BEFORE they are actually written! The effect is that the medium predicts the three questions, with detailed data, BEFORE the spectator writes them. It is one of the most convincing mental routines to date. Diabolically clever in conception and packs the wallop of the A bomb.


The original Dr. A material offers you incredible insight into how psychic readers of the Golden Age plied their trade -- much of which can be applied to your own work immediately, but how great would it be to learn what 21st century readers have to say about Dr. A and his methods?

Pretty great, I thought, so I contacted several Pro Shop authors for their take on the Dr. A material. Like me, I think you'll be very interested in what Larry Baukin, C. Dayton, Millard Longman, Jonathan Twidwell and the Reverend Sister Rae contributed to this very exclusive publication.

The 3 Top Reasons Why You Need Some Nelson In Your Life

Reason #1: In my own humble opinion, I believe you need this -- and many other Golden Age titles -- in your library for the simple reason that it is important that you have a sound understanding of the history of our art. A close examination of how Nelson and other entertainers of his time marketed themselves is sure to give you a better understanding of what it was like to be a psychic entertainer during the Golden Age.

Reason #2: In addition to the need for historical perspective, there is also the fact that material like The Doctor "A" Anthology is a great jumping-off point for crafting your own presentations. 

Reason #3: The Doctor "A" Anthology is only available from The Pro Shop, and I firmly believe that it belongs in every working psychic entertainer's library.

The Doctor A Anthology

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