Another classic publication from Craig Browning's
"Psychic Technologies Series™" ...

Mnemonic Methods & Techniques
for the Frustrated Psychic

Those who have been fortunate enough to pick up earlier books in Craig Browning's "Psychic Technologies Series™" will surely greet the newest addition with enthusiasm. And, if this is your first exposure to Craig's writing, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

EASY READING is perfect for both the newcomer to the psychic entertainment field and the seasoned professional. With nothing more than a pad of paper, some pencils and a Tarot deck, a beginning reader could conceivably start earning a decent income just a short while after absorbing the wisdom contained in EASY READING.

But the beauty of Craig's system is that if push comes to shove, you wouldn't even need any paper, pencils or Tarot cards -- you could just bring what you learned from EASY READING to the front of your consciousness, and deliver a flawless, spot-on reading.

The veteran reader will certainly appreciate many of the twists and subtleties Craig shares within these pages. I especially liked the "Tri-Cycle" reading method taught in the very first chapter. With nothing more than a client's name, Craig shows how to deliver a legitimate "cradle-to-grave" reading in the classic style that is guaranteed to be different for every person -- this one went into my reader's toolkit immediately.

And, with Craig's no-brainer approach, there simply isn't any need to memorize phony "cold reading" lines or worry about clients comparing notes after their readings with you, an issue that can haunt faux readers in situations like psychic home parties and fairs.

Here's what people are saying about EASY READING:

"I wish this book had been available when I started giving readings thirty years ago."
-- Richard Webster

"Craig Browning's real work book entitled, "EASY READING" is just that. Three highly usable systems designed to help you become a better and more proficient cold reader. No sweat -- just follow Craig's easy directions. Highly recommended!"
-- Larry Becker

"A valuable addition to the psychic reading literature. A real glimpse into what it takes to perform readings for people, as opposed to performing a psychic parlor trick. Thanks for writing this!"
-- John Riggs

If you are new to Mentalism and want to learn “the real work”, Craig Browning’s EASY READING will give you more than any other book I’ve seen out there.
-- Enrique Enriquez

EASY READING promotes the art of looking at everything around you as a sign, and how to generate insightful readings from these signs. As you might expect from someone who has spent a major portion of his adult life as a professional psychic reader, EASY READING contains many tools and methods that are sure to inspire you in your own business.

EASY READING is an 85+ full-size page electronic book (delivered via download as an Adobe PDF) that includes:

• Foreword by Richard Webster

The Tri-Cycle Cradle-To-Grave Method

• The Rainbow of Power


• Rainbow Psychometry

• Docc H ... With A Twist

• Two-person Code Work Tips

You'll enjoy reading through the book and uncovering little nuggets that are guarenteed to get your creative juices flowing.

For example, in the chapter titled, "Docc H ... With A Twist", Craig describes not only a sweet little drawing duplication routine (complete with the ingenious template he uses as a marketing handout) that can be used for 5-minute readings at your next psychic soiree, but he also shares the killer group reading presentation he uses to close his own club act. This is not the stuff of your typical armchair enthusiast ... Craig's ideas have stood the test of time -- and live audiences.

The descriptive text supplies complete readings in example after example, and explains how to incorporate a wide range of techniques into your readings, including ...

• Numerology

Aura readings

• Tarot

• Playing cards

• Astrology

• Gemstones

Whether you're a professional reader or a working mentalist, you'll be able to apply Craig's ideas into what you already do to make it even more compelling.

Simply put, the content of this book is the stuff careers are made of. Unlike the transitory fripperies and trendy do-dads we all rush to buy only to toss into the back of a drawer, the knowledge conveyed in EASY READINGS will stay with you for a lifetime.

Imagine being asked by a potential client to demonstrate your abilities, and it's the one day you failed to load up your pockets with the usual paraphanalia. With the understanding you'll gain from Craig's book, you won't even have to hesitate before launching into a display of exactly what it is people expect us to do -- look into the past, present and future, and deliver meaningful readings.

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