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Everything you need to start giving amazingly accurate readings ... today, using nothing more than your business cards and a surprisingly simple system you can learn in literally minutes.

Why ESP Cards?

There's no question that people are instantly attracted to card readings, whether you're talking about Tarot cards or regular playing cards. As Gene writes in the Preface to Quick & Effective ESP Card Readings ...

"When you're doing quick, short, impromptu card readings, onlookers are intrigued and interested. They wonder what you're doing. They look over your shoulder. They see the sitter's reactions to your card layout and the cards that are turned up and interpreted.

The downside is, of course, that to be fully prepared to do this sort of reading at all times, you must carry the cards with you."

Gene has solved the problem of being caught somewhere without your favorite Tarot deck, and shares his elegant solution with you in this concise yet brilliant publication. In addition to teaching you how to interpret and expand on the meanings of the ESP symbols, Gene reveals two incredibly simple card layouts that can be used for comprehensive readings of any length, from 5-minute quickies to full-length private sessions. Gene shows you everything you need to know about this flexible system, and includes sample readings from his own practice.

May The Force Be With You

And, for those occasions when you'd like to have a bit of ... um, control ... over what cards the client turns over, Gene includes a devilishly-easy method that works flawlessly with both of the card layouts taught in the book. With this information, you'll be able to put together presentations that are sure to fascinate your audiences without breaking a sweat.

Reader's Readers

Perhaps that's a bit extreme for your tastes, but wouldn't it be helpful in some situations to know what cards the client is about to turn over? Gene thinks so, and shares with you a system of marked cards that can be put together in just a few moments after a trip to your nearest office supply store.

(By the way, Gene's ESP card reading system works especially well with the Pro Shop CAIRO CARDS, which are available HERE.)

The Bottom Line

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Quick & Effective ESP Card Readings

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