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A compilation of practical essays and presentations for the working professional mentalist, reader and mystery worker

FIVE Books in One

As the creator of COOL READINGS, THE VASCAL SYSTEM, COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRIVATE READER, and many more publications, Gene Nielsen needs no introduction for the working professional. It was with great anticipation, then, that I opened his latest book, and it probably comes as no surprise that I wasn't in any way disappointed. Quite the contrary . . . which is why I'm pretty excited to present Gene's latest work to the community.

Blending practical, ready-to-use ideas with thought-provoking theory, Gene has brought us not one, but FIVE new creations:


Here's a closer look at the individual components of this compilation. . .


You've probably heard of NOTHING . . . and you may have even heard of SOMETHING . . . now it's time for you to embrace EVERYTHING -- Gene's look at how to develop a totally impromptu, totally prop-free program that you can do at the drop of a hat. And, when Gene says "prop-free", he means . . .

• No nailwriters
• No peek wallets
• No thumb tips
• No impression devices
• No special gadgets whatsoever!

Working with nothing more than the items you normally carry with you, Gene lays out how to structure a presentation that can play anywhere -- from intimate close-up situations to a full-blown stage act. But EVERYTHING even goes beyond how to use the contents of your pockets, and discusses how to walk into a room empty-handed, and walk out as a miracle worker.

More than anything else, Gene hopes that the reader of EVERYTHING & MORE will be inspired to create their own presentations based on the principles he teaches, and it's very likely your creative mind will be thrown into overdrive with every page you turn.With that in mind, EVERYTHING includes practical examples of the principles necessary to present prop-less entertainment, and lists dozens of resources that are perfect for creating countless presentations of your own.


THE AIR-CONDITIONED JUNGLE could be considered to be the much-awaited sequel to Gene's influential book, COOL READINGS, and in it he details the three main principles for giving any kind of readings and making them effective. Gene also discusses the proper uses of secret information, cold readings and stock readings, and intuition, and reveals his simple approach to preparing yourself for the reading process.

Other sections of THE AIR-CONDITIONED JUNGLE cover what Gene considers to be "the real secret of giving effective readings", some nuts-and-bolts techniques that will make your readings enormously more effective, and warnings about things that are irrelevant and don't work.


As Gene writes. . .

"Doctor X is definitely a real person, and is still alive and kicking. He has a Ph.D. from a highly respected university in a subject entirely foreign to his present work, but which is nonetheless genuine. . . In 1975, in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, he experienced what he describes as 'a spiritual breakthrough' which forever changed the direction of his life.

Back in the U.S., he searched for ways to make a difference in the world, to teach people how to discover themselves in a more personal way that he had been able to do in his academic teaching career. A Tarot reading from an academic colleague affected him profoundly with the power of its symbolism and he immediately felt that this was his chosen area of activity. He took a few classes and began his career as a Tarot reader."

In THE SECRETS OF DOCTOR X, Gene describes how he met Doctor X and the Doctor's very simple and direct approach to giving readings. In addition, you'll learn. . .

(1) A complete, easily-learned system for doing Tarot readings. You can learn it in a week, if not less.

An approach to giving Tarot readings without a deck.

Combined with THE AIR-CONDITIONED JUNGLE, this could be all you need to start giving better readings as soon as next week.


THE ENCHIRIDION takes up where THE SECRETS OF DOCTOR X leaves off, and covers 21 simple-but-basic truths you can share with your clients to help put things in their proper perspective, the psychological mechanisms that enable readings to work, and what even the hardest-core debunkers don't seem to realize.


In this final section of the book, Gene explains Symbologique, his no-gaff, real-world approach to the classic SYMBOLOGIC theme created by Hen Fetch many years ago. In it, you and another person each take a set of five ESP symbol cards and try to telepathically match them to each other. Gene's version of this routine uses. . .

• No extra cards
• No sticky stuff
• No glides
• No bottom deals
• No one-aheads or one-behinds
• No face-up cards
• No marked cards
• No half-passes
• No jiggery-pokery

Once you study Gene's handling, you'll want to present this fascinating demonstration to everyone! You are provided with instructions on how to prepare your own cards (either in advance or on the spot for an impromptu telepathy test) as well as the best way to present Symbologique for maximum impact.

Symbologique is a prime example of why Gene Nielsen's creations are treasured by working professionals -- it is 100% practical, and perfect for those times when people ask you, "Do you think ESP is real?"

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