Announcing two more e-book releases in
Craig Browning's
"Psychic Technologies Series™"

First ...

The Art of Projecting the Future

First, there was David Hoy's "Hurling The Headlines" ...

Then came Jack Dean's "Soothsayer" ...

Now, get ready for the next major development in Headline Predictions!

How often have you seen this happen:

Around November and December of each year, big-name commercial psychics announce their predictions for the following year to all of the big newspapers and magazines. The public snaps these publications up and speculate with their friends and co-workers about how many of these predictions will actually come true.

Why should you be any different? Why shouldn't you be able to take advantage of these publicity-grabbing opportunities and establish or enhance your own reputation?

With Craig Browning's "FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS: The Art of Projecting the Future", you will be able to do exactly that. You'll be able to make legitimate predictions for:

• Clients

• Celebrities

• Companies

• Communities

• Countries

• And more!

Here's what one person wrote after reading "FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS: The Art of Projecting the Future" ...

"Just wanted to take a moment to say that I love FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS. You have put together a wonderful work that anyone with a tiny bit of effort can use to advance their reputation which, of course, is going to increase their income.

I can see FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS becoming a Classic in of our industry. Congratulations!"

-- TC Tahoe

Now, we want to be very clear on one point: FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS is not a magic or mentalism methodology that will enable you to predict what card someone at tomorrow night's banquet will pick, or what the headline on next week's New York Times will be.

For that, you will need to spend hundreds of dollars on a suspicious-looking chest, or engage in some kind of equally-suspicious hanky-panky ... and at the end of the night, no one will really believe any of that is real, because if you were truly psychic, would you really waste your time or energy on which playing card would be selected at the yearly dinner?

No, FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS is a methodology for generating actual predictions that will sound just as genuine as the ones that you read in the newspapers and magazines every December. This system is specifically for those professionals who want a technique for creating plausible-sounding predictions ... a technique that is as easy as it is real.

With FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS, you'll be able to ...

• Make accurate forecasts about any community on the planet ...

• Assist your clients in making physical moves and deciding which locations are best ...

• Reveal the best times for making major life transistions ...

• And more!


If FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS was just a great vehicle for grabbing free publicity, it would be well worth the price we're asking. But, as they say in the infomercials, "Wait -- there's more ..."

In the chapter titled, "Location, Location, Location", Craig details how to use FAR REACHING PREDICTIONS to assist your clients in making decisions regarding career changes and where to live. Now, obviously, this won't be everyone's cup of tea ... and that's fine. But, if you've ever wanted to add an additional product to your list of services, this may be right up your alley.

And finally, in "The Test", Craig explains how to bring it all together in an ingenious procedure in which your client uses a pendulum to validate that their decision is the correct one.

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