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A Classic Stacked Deck System
Updated For The 21st Century

Would You Buy Me A Beer?
I'm betting you would if I told you about a stacked deck system that is just as easy and straight-forward as the Eight Kings and Si Stebbins stacks, but is practically unknown to most magicians, mentalists, readers, and most importantly, anyone in the general public who knows a smattering of card magic.

We all know how effective a stacked deck can be for the presentation of miracles, but you may be hesitant to use a system that has received the wide-spread exposure that both the Eight Kings and Si Stebbins systems have, and the amount of work necessary to learn the more-obscure random-appearing systems can be daunting, to say the least.

The Five Kings system isn't new by any means, and I only happened to stumble across it while doing some deep research on a totally different topic. It didn't take but a moment for me to recognize the potential benefits of the system, and I'm excited to share its secret with you.

The information contained in The Five Kings Special Report is quickly understood, and if you and I were to sit down for a couple of cold beverages, it would only take about a half hour to go over the system and all of the nuances that go into the successful use of it.

The 15-page special e-report includes...

 A complete explanation of The Five Kings system

 The downsides of the Eight Kings and Si Stebbins systems

 How to compensate for those downsides

 The original Second Sight routine used by the Five Kings' creator

 A critque of the Second Sight routine's issues

  A quick way to set up The Five Kings stack (less than 5 minutes!)

 A guaranteed way to remember the stack sequence

 Suggestions on how to improve on The Five Kings system

 A discussion of our favorite false shuffle, false cut, and deck switch

 Suggested presentations for The Five Kings system

 A biography of The Five Kings' creator

In my opinion, that's a lot of information for the price of a decent beer.

You'll not only learn a stacked deck system that virtually no one is aware of (outside of a few magic scholars), but I'll show you a super-simple way to remember it and a super-quick way to set it up in less than five minutes. All of this makes The Five Kings a near-perfect system to use in both planned and impromptu magic, mentalism and readings presentations.

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The Five Kings

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