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Unless you are a complete new-comer to the psychic entertainment community, you already know that in the early 1990s, there were three main authors the aspiring psychic reader had to study -- "The Big Three", so to speak -- Richard Webster, Herb Dewey and Ron Martin. Between these three legendary thinkers, the subject of psychic readings as traditionally envisioned by Robert Nelson and William Larson was transformed and made relevant for modern audiences. 

As one of the "Big Three" authorities on psychic readings, Ron Martin was especially qualified to teach you everything you needed to know about readings, including the best way to prepare for a session, the right things to say, and how to make a real impact on your clients.

The Graphologist's Notebook is the third and final installment in Ron's "Notebook" series for psychic readers, and it reveals in detail all of the secrets behind one of Ron's favorite tools for giving accurate and effective readings that will amaze your clients and, in the process, bring you a respectable income.

The Best Book on Handwriting Analysis Readings?

Given the number of books on handwriting analysis (including The Pro Shop's own "Cicardi's Insight Package"), that statement is likely to be perceived as typical advertising hype, but if you're familiar with Ron's other books (including the Palm Reader's Notebook and the Tarot Reader's Notebook), you know that Ron's books are among the best teaching tools available. Complete in every detail, one of the secrets to Ron's success as a teacher and writer is his easy-to-understand, conversational approach to even the most tricky subjects.

The Graphologist's Notebook covers everything you need to know to begin giving legitimate handwriting analysis readings, including the many important details of handwriting that reveal the most intimate aspects of a client's personality. If we listed the entire table of contents of The Graphologist's Notebook, this page would scroll a long time, so besides the Master Class coverage of handwriting analysis, here are just a few of the other topics covered in this e-book:

 Setting Up Your Table
The Psychological Factors
 Timing Your Analysis
A Psychological System
Compatibility Analysis
Looking at Clients' Children's Samples
The Search For Sex
Some History
Unknown Factors
Graphology on the Spot
More Money Making Ideas
 Handwriting Analysis Readings by Mail

There is a LOT of information in this book, and it's all straight from a recognized master of the art.

Your New Graphology Lecture

If you've worked many psychic fairs and New Age expos, you know that being able to present a lecture to attendees can give you an edge with the promoters of the event. Ron was an experienced speaker, and his lecture on handwriting analysis is included in this book, word for word... and it's possibly one of the easiest talks you could give to a room of eager listeners. 

And the lecture isn't just for psychic fairs and New Age expos -- you could easily promote this talk to bookstores and civic groups for free marketing, or use it at your next house party for some easy income. With these venues in mind, Ron included sample flyers in the book to make it easy for you to market to these venues.

Long-Lost Secrets

Originally published in 1992 (under the title "Cashing in on Handwriting Analysis"), an authorized edition of this book has been difficult to obtain for many years, and this new edition was the last project we were working with Ron on before his passing in 2015. As a way to commemorate its re-release and pay tribute to one of our community's legendary figures, we've included a new section that looks at how Ron Martin became one of The Big Three. If you already own the classic Palm Reader's Notebook, you already know that Ron had a clever way to use handwriting analysis to augment his palm readings. Armed with the extensive in-depth information provided in The Graphologist's Notebook, you can use this very same secret strategy to super-charge any kind of reading, regardless of the oracle you may use.

The Bonus

As if having one of the best books on handwriting analysis weren't enough, we've added a bonus that you can use to help promote yourself and gain new clients -- Ron's own lecture, "Three Steps Toward Consciousness", which he presented to the public for over twenty years. A $25 value, this 48-page e-book contains Ron's highly-entertaining lecture that will help establish you as a knowledgable speaker in the New Age market. This lecture is so good, that if all you do is read it and apply its principles to your own life, you'll find yourself looking at life around you with new eyes.

The Bottom Line

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge and beginning to give handwriting analysis readings, you couldn't pick a better place to start. 

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