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Fortune Telling
Old John's
Swamp Cards

by Ron Martin

An Excerpt from "Fortune Telling with Old John's Swamp Cards"

A while back I received an email from Ron containing the following ...

"1949, deep in the woods where the wild land turns to swamp and roads are often washed away, there was a small shack…

People - women usually - came here when they had serious questions. It wasn't a place you came to if you weren't serious.

Only a few people dared to go there just for amusement.

It wasn't a place that people told their neighbors that they were visiting; they'd make up a story about a sick aunt someplace.

They were going to see Old John. No one knew how old he was. He'd been there when their mothers were young; some said he'd always been there. That, of course, wasn't possible, but they said it anyway.

Old John, for two dollars - big money in those times - would sit you down at his candle-lit table and take out just a few old worn cards. It wasn't even a complete deck…

He'd look you straight in the eyes and ask a few questions as he mixed those cards. Sometimes fortified with a bit of rum and a cigar, Old John would lay a few cards out on the table and turn them over, one by one.

And he'd talk about you. Your life. Your wishes. Your fears. Your nightmares, perhaps. He'd say, "The cards know… they know you. They know something of your life… sometimes they tell you what you want to know. Sometimes they tell you what you need to know."

And they really did seem to know! You were usually glad to hear the messages. You were also glad when it was time to leave the swamp. Sometimes the cards seemed to know too much."

And so begins Ron's latest creation. Personally, I couldn't wait to read more.

In his typically creative style, Ron weaves the tale of Old John, a backwoods seer based on Ron's own experiences as a child, and along the way we learn a diabolically clever system for fortune telling using regular playing cards.


Well, yes and no...

Old John's cards, as they are described in Ron's book, are special. In fact, you may already own a deck of cards that will work perfectly well for Old John's reading system. Ron recommends a commercially-available deck (the Ultimate Marked Deck works especially well), but with a little thought you can probably adapt a number of similar decks to create your own special set of Swamp Cards.

Ron, of course, has modified his cards, and with his additional suggestions, you'll have something that is definitely unique, setting you apart from the average readers in your area.

Old John's Swamp Cards System

The beauty of Old John's Swamp Cards System is two-fold:

(1) It's designed for quick card readings (although it can be used for longer readings as well), using a limited number of cards, and

(2) You have about as much control over the final reading as you could ask for -- if you want, you can actually change one selected card to another that is more desirable!

The powerful 49-page ebook clearly explains both the reading process and how to make your own set of Swamp Cards.

As clever as the Swamp Cards themselves are, I think one of the more important aspects of this manuscript is Old John's very detailed system for giving impressive readings.

As Ron writes, "Old John understood people very well. He watched generations of them born, grow up, grow old, and he went to a few funerals over the years. He knew people's patterns, their strengths, their weaknesses."

There certainly is nothing like experience, especially when it comes to readings, and you are sure to benefit from Old John's insights as described by Ron. There is no question that you will be a better reader a year from now, based on your own experiences, but wouldn't it be great to know what Old John knew... now?

In Fortune Telling with Old John's Swamp Cards, you will read insights gathered from years of real-world readings, invaluable for beginning readers and veterans alike, including how to answer specific questions about event timing (like "When will I meet this person") and quantities (like "How much will my new business bring in?"). Ron Martin fans will be familiar with how he and Larry Baukin first introduced some of these concepts in "Quick & Commercial Card Readings", and Ron takes them even further in this ebook.

Here's a partial Table of Contents:

• Old John and His Shack
• The Swamp Cards
• The Invisible Clock
• Numbers & Suits
• Numerology
• How To Use The Information
• The Shape Shifting Cards
• The Favorable And Unfavorable Factor
• A Few Examples
• The Swamp Card Mood!
• Some of Old John's Philosophy

In his highly readable style, Ron explains everything you'll need to present your own Swamp Cards readings, including how to age your cards, how to make a "special" deck of cards even more "special" (including a feature I haven't seen in any reading system to date), and how to shape a reading with an exceedingly simple and convincing handling.

Bizarre? Perhaps.

Readings with Old John's Swamp Cards are decidedly different, and as you probably know, sometimes it's that subtle difference that will make you stand out in the crowd. There's no question about it -- people will remember a Swamp Cards reading! And, if you have any interest in the arcane art of bizarre magick, this is a natural.

With a set of Old John's Swamp Cards and the information contained in the ebook, you too can present some very impressive readings. You may not move to a shack in the swamp, or take up cigars, but you may well gain a mysterious reputation with your Swamp Cards. You can earn very nice part-time money with the Swamp Cards, giving quick readings - or more, if you wish.


Included with every copy of

Ron Martin's

Reading System for
Playing Cards

Ron Martin is probably best-known to both clients and readers as a professional Tarot and palm reader. A few years ago, a customer of Ron's mentioned her recollection of readings with playing cards, and this reminded him of his own childhood memories.

Afterwards, Ron bought a couple books on the subject and found that the books written for the general public consisted mostly of long, confusing lists of what each card meant. To make things worse, there didn't seem to be any kind of system to help the beginner to learn and remember the meanings of the cards. So Ron wrote a concise 20-page ebook that teaches a system that is so easy to remember, you'll be able to do a reading with regular playing cards in no time at all.

For Every Skill Level

Obviously, if you're just starting out, this ebook is a great place to start. Ron takes you effortlessly from knowing nothing to sounding like a seasoned pro. However, even as a veteran reader, I'm always interested in learning what others have come up with, and it's rare that I'm not able to pick up something that I can add to my own repertoire.

And, speaking of skills, the ability to provide readings with nothing more than a regular deck of playing cards is one that every professional should master. Talk about impromptu: with the information in this ebook, you could wake up in a strange city with nothing but a deck of cards (and hopefully a respectable set of clothes), and make a decent living.

The Bottom Line

Normally, we'd offer these two ebooks separately ($30 for Fortune Telling with Old John's Swamp Cards, and $20 for Ron Martin's Reading System for Playing Cards), but they go together so well, we thought we'd offer them as a set.

If you're ready to order Ron Martin's Fortune Telling with Old John's Swamp Cards and Reading System for Playing Cards e-books now, simply click on the Add To Cart button below.


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