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The Story

Eight years ago, a collection of David Hoy artifacts and ephemera came into my possession, and I envisioned putting them together in a multimedia package that would be appreciated by not only other Hoy enthusiasts, but anyone who had a serious interest in psychic entertainment. I realized what I had in my possession was not only priceless from a historical perspective, but was, in addition, essentially a package of pretty obvious clues for the astute student on how to develop a professional persona for a magician, a mentalist, or a real deal psychic.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, "life got in the way", and as a result my vision of the full David Hoy multimedia package is still in the development phase. I realized that rather than wait until the project was picture-perfect, I should at least release to the community the two components of the package that I had managed to complete.

The David Hoy Poster

This was the first instance of synchronicity that got my inspiration moving -- a small quantity of David Hoy posters, acquired on eBay (where else?), depicting David Hoy in what has got to be one of the archetypal postures of the stage mentalist. Inquiries to the seller as to the origin of the posters led nowhere, unfortunately, and other than doing a little research on what the Kaintuck Territory was (turns out it was a Western theme park in Benton, Kentucky), I was able to learn nothing more. Truth be told, I was thrilled just to be the auction winner.

I immediately framed one of the posters, and it's been hanging in my office ever since. It never fails to solicit a remark from visitors, regardless of whether they have an interest in mentalism or not. And it's easy to see why, even from the relatively tiny representation at the head of this page -- David Hoy's commanding presence in person carried over easily into both photographs and television.

Measuring 17" by 23", this poster can be the perfect addition to your office as well, but only if you act quickly. Because although it sounds like infomercial hype, I truly do have only a small number of these... when they're gone, they truly are gone.

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The Bold & Subtle Press Book

At about the same time the David Hoy posters came into my possession, I happened to be talking with a colleague about the David Hoy legend, and he mentioned that he had a file of press clippings and memorabilia that I was welcome to. I don't mind saying that I was very excited the first time I opened that file, and it didn't take long for me to visualize and create "A Bold & Subtle Press Book", a 25-page e-book that features press clippings of David Hoy performances at the Playboy Club in Atlanta (plus a couple in Boston) and news stories ("Famed Psychic Uses ESP to Pinpoint the Wreckage of 2 Ships Sunk Centuries Ago", "Psychic Names Girl's Killer", plus a review from Newsweek of April 8, 1974).

Perhaps even more important for the professional are the reproductions from David Hoy's promo kit. These are the materials that David Hoy sent out to theatres, clubs, and radio and television stations, and while the page layouts will undoubtedly seem dated, they are still a lesson in how to present yourself if you want to be taken seriously.

Included in these materials is a list of predictions for the coming year (1976) that were presented as "... my predictions for 1976 and beyond, as an experiment in ESP... Please join me in checking out my predicting ability." The kicker on this piece is how Hoy tastefully works in a subtle ad for his services.

Also included in "A Bold & Subtle Press Book" is a 2-page handout entitled "Philosophy of Life", a mailing to radio stations offering a one-hour program (including historical caller response figures), a promotional brochure, and a number of obituaries that were run across the country when David Hoy died at the young age of 50.

Now, be aware: there are no tricks or secrets in this publication -- just concrete examples of how a world-famous psychic entertainer presented himself to booking agents, potential venues and the public. Nonetheless, as I said above, the astute student will come away from reading this with plenty of ideas.

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