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A quick, easy and powerful way
to incorporate graphology readings
into your performances and readings

Originally published in Bascom Jones' MAGICK, "Cicardi's Insight" is an easy-to-learn yet exceedingly powerful way to start using handwriting analysis in your performances and readings. Simply have your audience member or client write down a single word, and you have everything you need to give a quick and accurate reading. This technique is so good, one professional told me "...In my opinion, it's one of the strongest long-hidden secrets out there."

If you've been in the field of mentalism for a reasonable amount of time, you know exactly who Cicardi is, and the quality of his work. If, on the other hand, you're not familiar with Cicardi, you can find a quick explanation here .

With the Cicardi's Insight Package, you not only get the complete details on "Cicard's Insight" -- you also get a complete turnkey system that will allow you to make some serious money.

Let's take a look at what's included...


At the heart of the Cicardi's Insight Package is this 30-page PDF manual, which lays out in detail the amazingly-simple but awesome technique that is so flexible you can use it for... 

•  Impromptu

•  Close-up

•  Walkaround

•  Parlor


•  Corporate Events

•  Private Readings

•  Home Parties

•  Lectures

•  Workshops

•  Psychic Fairs

Also included in the manual are sections on presentation ideas, how to extend the reading, a Quick Reference card, background information on graphology, and additional resources.

But there's a lot more to the Cicardi's Insight Package, starting with...

Cicardi's Insight Tick Sheets

Once you've learned the "Cicardi's Insight" technique, you'll be able to do it on a business card, making it a natural marketing handout, but for events like corporate events, home parties, and psychic fairs, we've included three easy-to-use tick sheets:
Insight tick sheet 1 Insight compatibility tick sheet
The Insight Analysis Tick Sheet is for individual readings, and the Insight Compatibility Analysis Tick Sheets are for couples (it's not too soon to be booking your Valentine's Day appearances, you know). The Insight Analysis Tick Sheet is 4.25" x 5.5" and the Insight Compatibility Analysis Tick Sheets come in two sizes -- 4.25" x 5.5" and 8.5" x 11".

The tick sheets make giving a graphology reading a breeze -- just have the sitter sign their name in the keepsake-quality tick sheet, look at the built-in cues listed on the tick sheets, and deliver an amazingly accurate reading.

These tick sheets come as Adobe PDF files, so you can open them with Adobe's free Reader program and easily customize them with your own name, bio and contact information.

What about back-of-the-room sales?

We've got that covered with...

 The "What Your Handwriting Reveals" Pitch Book

pitch book

Like the Insight tick sheets, this 12-page pitch book comes as a customizable Adobe PDF file, so you can also customize it with the same information you have on your tick sheets. Ask any pro who uses this closely-guarded secret to boost their earnings -- on many nights they take in more money in book sales than they receive for performing. Why is this?

Quite simply, your name on the cover of a book is a very subtle way to get your audience to view you as an expert on the subject of whatever the book is about. Owning and controlling the inventory of a product of your own like the "What Your Handwriting Reveals About You" pitch book means that you will...
• Make more money
• Be seen as an expert
• Increase your bookings
• Be remembered by your audience
• Create a continuous cash flow

To allow you to take full advantage of the power of pitch books, the Cicardi's Insight Package also includes the Pro Shop's
Special Report, “18 Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income with Back-of-the-Room Sales.” This report by itself is a $15 value, and by using just a few of the secret insider techniques you’ll learn inside, you’ll be able to use your pitch books to bring in even more revenue with each appearance.

And that's not all...

SPECIAL REPORT: Handwriting -- A Diagram of the Unconscious

Handwriting - A Diagram of the Unconscious

This 11-page PDF Special Report started out as two separate articles Cicardi wrote for MAGICK, and the revised and updated Special Report contains 9 essential clues that can be spotted instantly when looking at someone's handwriting. The beauty of these clues is that you don't need to learn all of them to start using them right away -- you can use just one or two of them to bring amazing depth to your readings.

And there's more...

Become A Certified Graphologist...

... Or just be seen as one.

O.K., this could just be for fun... or you could use it to lend some credibility to your office or psychic fair booth, but we decided to add the Insight Institute Graphologist's Diploma, a genuine-looking diploma from the prestigious Insight Institute, to the Cicardi's Insight Package. Like the tick sheets and pitch book, you can customize the diploma to prove that you've put in the long hours it takes to be a certified graphologist.

Suitable for framing? You be the judge.

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we've also included the...

The Cicardi's Insight Package Quick Start Guide

In the interest of giving you everything you need to start marketing yourself as an expert graphology analyst, we've included the "Cicardi's Insight Package Quick Start Guide", which is exactly that -- a concise guide to everything included in the package, including how to customize and print out your tick sheets and pitch book.

The Bottom Line

Here's a detailed listing of what you'll get with the Cicardi's Insight Package:

• The "Cicardi's Insight Package" Quick Start Guide
• The "Cicardi's Insight" Manual
• The three Insight Graphology Tick Sheets
• The "What Your Handwriting Reveals About You" Pitch Book
• The "Cicardi's Handwriting: A Diagram of the Unconsicous" Special Report
• The Insight Institute  Graphologist's Diploma
• The “18 Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income with Back-of-the-Room Sales” Special Report

The information included in this special package is truly a complete turnkey business, and all you would need to make a comfortable living when applied properly.

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