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The Invisible Tarot

Another Suggestive Way
of Knowing

By Enrique Enriquez

You may never take out your
Tarot cards again

Even though Enrique's award-winning e-book, The Invisible Gemstone, continues to be one of the hottest, best-selling titles we've published in a long time, I think his newest effort, The Invisible Tarot, is going to eclipse that.

As exceptionally good as I think his previous e-book is, I sincerely believe The Invisible Tarot is downright brilliant. I've been giving Tarot readings for over twenty years, and Enrique's new approach is a real eye-opener -- both simple to use and ultimately meaningful for your clients.

In Enrique's latest e-book, you'll learn:

The Complete 7 Step Invisible Tarot Formula

• How to amaze, enlighten and empower your clients

• How to bring out your clients' intuitive abilities

• How to get the client to tell you what they need to know

• How to handle "The Challenging Reading"

How to give meaningful "card-less" Tarot readings

How to expand the basic reading

And more (naturally!) ...

The Invisible Tarot is a deceptively simple way of presenting a Tarot reading, but with undeniably powerful results. In a nutshell, you ask your client select a random, unseen card -- a totally imaginary card, mind you -- and to describe what they see in their imagination. You are then in a position to deliver an incredibly accurate reading that will have genuine meaning for the client ... and a truly amazing conclusion.

The Invisible Tarot can, if you like, be much, much more than a simple reading -- the resulting experience can be the closest thing to magic -- the real thing -- that you and your clients have had in a long time.

Perfect For Impromptu & Walkaround ...

And, the best part is that you will be able to share this experience with your clients at any time, and in any place, without having to carry a Tarot deck with you. Just like in The Invisible Gemstone, Enrique is revealing a simple, easy-to-learn technique that you will be able to use almost immediately, and if you're anything like me, it's something you will use all the time.

... And Full-Length Readings, Too

The Invisible Tarot can be presented as a five-minute quickie, or in its expanded form, a full-length reading. And, in addition to the detailed explanation of how to present The Invisible Tarot, Enrique shares not one, but three transcripts of real-life examples from his own private readings practice in which he demonstrates exactly what to say and do for maximum impact. The Invisible Tarot is not a stock reading or cold reading technique, but rather an ingenious strategy for delivering truly impressive readings each and every time.

The Bottom Line

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The Invisible Tarot

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The Invisible Package

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And One Final Offer ...

If you're not already fluent in the Tarot (and even if you are, for that matter), the Pro Shop is also offering TAROT: The Journey Within. This e-book is a full-length book on the Tarot and the basis for the Tarot workshops I present both privately and to the general public, and is a great way to learn the Tarot from scratch, brush up on forgotten skills, or add more to your existing knowledge.

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TAROT: The Journey Within

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