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A new collection of presentations and ideas for the working professional mentalist, reader and mystery worker

Another Peek into the Mind of a Creative Master

In 2006, the Psychic Entertainers Association gave Gene Nielsen the Dave Lederman Award for Creativity in Mentalism, an award that recognizes the many contributions Gene has given the mentalism community over the years. Nielsen fans and newcomers alike will be happy to know that Gene's prolific creativity shows no signs of slowing down, and that he's been hard at work on this latest publication.

In THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK, you will find page after page of Gene's thinking, a potpourri of mentalism that covers a wide range -- from seance phenomena to parapsychological anomolies . . . intimate close-up demonstrations to theatrical stage presentations -- all of it carrying the classic Nielsen touch. A hallmark of Gene's approach to mentalism is his devious simplicity of execution, and after reading this book, you will find yourself wondering, "Why would you do it any other way?"

Here's a closer look at some of the items in this collection. . .

Powerful Routines & Ideas

In this new e-book, you will learn Gene's method for impromptu spirit raps . . . an easy yet baffling design duplication . . . two number prediction presentations . . . how to make mnemonics easy . . . a killer card prediction . . . two alternatives to peek wallets . . . the best way to perform the CT . . . plus much, much more.

Here's a partial table of contents:

• The Foxes Outfoxed
• Psiagrams
• Psi Stebbins
• Phantom Coins
• Psychic Numbers II
• Wallets? Peek Cases?
• The Centaur Centear
• The Lily And The Rose
• Zoo Story
• Taking The Sting Off
• Foxy Forecast
• Musings On The Tarbell Deck
• At Hazard
• Battle Of The Sexes
• Challenge No-Card Card Routine
• Footprints In The Mind
• The Real Invisible Deck(s)

As mentioned above, THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK features a design duplication presentation that is as easy to perform as it is baffling. Based on a classic Annemann effect, Gene shares his touches that not only bring it up-to-date, but to the next level as well. And here's the really cool part . . .

As an added bonus, Gene has included the actual set of designs he uses for this presentation -- all you need to do is print them out and you're ready to perform this classic of mentalism.

Mixed in with the many practical mentalism routines are several essays that explain exactly how Gene feels about certain aspects of the arcane arts. You may or may not agree with his point of view on everything, but it's a good bet that some of your preconceptions on "conventional wisdom" may be challenged . . . which is a good thing!

This is especially true when it comes to the use of playing cards in mentalism. Gene has long been one of the few voices supporting the careful incorporation of playing cards into professional performances, feeling that it's not what you do, but how you do it. With this in mind, Gene includes some very powerful card routines and the script he uses when introducing some of his own presentations.

But there's a whole lot more to be found in THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK . . .

Force Bag Frolics

Just days before we were ready to release THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK, Gene emailed us and said, "I've got some more stuff I've been working on . . . should we include that in THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK?" After looking it over, I realized what a perfect addition Gene's FORCE BAG FROLICS would make, and quickly got to work incorporating it into THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK.

As you might guess from the title, FORCE BAG FROLICS focuses on presentations using a force bag ("No . . . really?!?"). While you could use just about any force bag for the eight presentations included in this manuscript, Gene gladly goes the extra mile and shows you how to make the Classic Nelson Force Bag (plus a clever variation) for a cost that is literally pennies.

Here are the eight routines Gene has put together for FORCE BAG FROLICS . . .

• The Chancellor Effect
• The Sorcerer's Stone
• Seven Stone Sutra
• Kurotsuke Revisited
• The Book Of Five Rings
• Ropes Pierre
• Technicolor Prediction Revisited
• Numerichrome: The Spectator As Mindreader

There's some serious food for thought here, to be sure . . . and very possibly a signature presentation for the right person.

Special PRO SHOP Sneak Peek

If you've never read any of Gene's writings, you're in for a special treat. Click HERE to get a special "sneak peek" at an excerpt from THE LEGACY NOTEBOOK . . .

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Gene Nielsen's


For readings, stage presentations, billet routines ... and more, of course.

Long unavailable to the general mentalist community, this is exactly what it sounds like: Gene's compilation of interpretations of doodles (the small drawings we all make when on the phone or in a boring meeting).

You're probably already way ahead of me here, so it almost goes without saying that this invaluable information can be used in a variety of ways, including impromptu readings ("I couldn't help but notice that you sketched a horse in a circle on your napkin . . . would you like to know what that means?"), close-up billet routines (like ACIDUS NOVUS or ACIDUS GLOBUS), and stage presentations (to add another dimension to your favorite drawing duplication).

If you already perform Cicardi's Beyond Psi-Grafico or Larry Becker's Sneak Thief, you're probably already throwing in a little mini-reading as you return each volunteer's card. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to actually tell them what their drawings really meant?

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