It's finally here ...

by Gene Nielsen

An anthology of powerful mentalism presentations from the most prolific contributor to Bascom Jones' MAGICK

In 1970, Bascom Jones began publishing what would become one of the most significant publications in the history of mentalism and psychic entertainment. Titled simply "MAGICK", Bascom's four-page newsletter arrived faithfully twice a month for twenty years. Today, original copies of MAGICK bring top dollar on eBay, and the bound collection produced in limited numbers by Collector's Workshop many years ago is highly sought-after as well by discerning performers around the world.

Gene Nielsen was without question THE most prolific contributor to MAGICK, although what many people don't know is that he often contributed under a number of pseudonyms. Here, for the first time, the true genius behind those pseudononymous contributors is revealed.

After much encouragement, urging, and begging, Gene has finally agreed to release "The MAGICK Years", a 202-page digital publication that includes every routine and presentation of his that was published in MAGICK -- plus a rare peek into his notebook for ideas that were being developed at the time of Bascom's untimely passing. For the first time ever, every single contribution to MAGICK by Gene has been put into a single collection and offered to the mentalism community.

What's In It

Reading through this collection for the first time, you will find yourself going, "Hmmm ... THAT'S where that idea came from!"

Indeed, many of the standard mentalism presentations used by professionals today were first published in MAGICK under Gene Nielsen's name (or one of his many pseudonyms). Some of Gene’s methods should seem familiar to you because he created them and others have used his methods for their own purposes. Within the pages of "The MAGICK Years" you will have the rare opportunity to see the creator at work.

The MAGICK Years is a 202-page electronic book (delivered via download as an Adobe PDF) jam-packed with routines and ideas that are both practical and powerful, including:

• PK effects

• Mental card routines

• Tarot presentations

• Headline predictions

• Astrology effects

• Pre-show ideas

• Q&A

• Spoon & coin bending

• Mentalism with coins

• Psychometry

• Body magic

• Book tests

• Design duplications

• ESP card routines

• Serial divinations

• Memory work

• Number magic

Without exception, Gene's routines are direct, powerful and easy to perform. After reading "The MAGICK Years", the question won't be, "Will I perform any of this?" ... the question will be, "Which of these devastating presentations will I perform first?"

"But I already own MAGICK ..."

If you're one of the fortunate few that already own either the original copies of MAGICK or the bound Collector's Workshop edition, you may be wondering, "Why would I want this? I already have everything that was published in MAGICK."

A fair question, and to be honest, the same thought occurred to me when I first picked up the manuscript for "The MAGICK Years". But this book is so much more than just an anthology of Gene's contributions to MAGICK.

To begin with, Bascom usually edited every contribution to fit the space he had in each issue, so in many cases key ideas and subtle nuances were left out. Bascom also liked to add his own twists and handlings to many contributions, which meant that sometimes the final result was decidedly different from what the creator originally envisioned.

In "The MAGICK Years", Gene sets the record straight, so to speak, explaining in his own words the thought process that went into every presentation, and where applicable, how his original idea differed from Bascom's. In addition, Gene also provides updates and additional ideas that have developed since the original publication of the material, giving you alternative ways to present these gems.

You'll also find many stories and anecdotes about what went on behind the scenes of MAGICK, including a rare look at Bascom himself. Being deeply influenced by MAGICK years ago, I was fascinated to learn about the personality behind the publication, and reading Gene's recollections has enriched my understanding of both the man and his work.

Oh, and if you don't already own the original MAGICK ... you really want to get Gene's book NOW!

Here's what some people are saying about "The MAGICK Years" ...

Peter Arcane: "Well, guys, in the first 50 pages I got my money's worth ... many thanks."

Greg Arce: "Great job and a great book! I'm already putting some thought to the mnemonic system that is presented."

Larry Becker: "Gene Nielsen is without a doubt one of mentalism's finest thinkers. I'm delighted to see that his many great contributions to Bascom Jones' Magick have finally been published under Gene's name as opposed to the many aliases he used."

Craig Browning: "If the funds are tight and you're looking for the most bang for the buck, GET THIS BOOK! Thanks so much for making this available Gene, it's GREAT!"

Dr. Charles Scott (aka Cicardi): What a great idea! Gene Nielsen is one of psychic entertainment's best kept secrets. His contributions to MAGICK were some of the finest material ever published. Gene's concepts are often brilliant and always practical and usable. I find myself reviewing his effects in MAGICK frequently, and to have them all instantly available is truly a godsend. Your products are the best things to come along in our field and "The MAGICK Years" is no exception to the high quality to which we've grown accustomed. Keep 'em coming!

Enrique Enriquez: "Those who didn't even know that there was once a magazine called MAGICK now have the opportunity to access an invaluable wealth of knowledge ... Gene Nielsen is giving us one of mentalism's milestones!"

Max Maven: "I enjoyed revisiting this material. These are solid, practical ideas, and it's great that they're being made available to a new generation."

Richard Webster: "This 202-page book is a treasure trove of useable material, and an incredible testament to the creativity of one man."

The Bottom Line

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