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The Pro Shop Edition of Robert Nelson's MIRACLES OF THE MIND is the fifth in a series of reissues of hard-to-find Nelson publications from the Golden Age of Mentalism. For the full background on the Pro Shop Nelson Series, please go here.

Originally published by Nelson Enterprises in 1959, MIRACLES OF THE MIND was advertised as "a complete and hard-hitting sensational exhibition of mindreading, mental telepathy and extra-sensory perception, designed especially for the Club Mentalist", with a running time of 20 to 30 minutes.

Here's how Nelson described MIRACLES OF THE MIND...

"A series of brilliant mental miracles covering the various facets of super-mentalism... An intriguing opening lecture on the "Mysteries of the Mind" backed by actual demonstrations.

No apparatus or gimmicks only ordinary props are utilized. No stooges no assistants only legitimate members of the audience participate.

A NEW concept of Club Mindreading
  only a few ordinary props required, and no advance preparation. A fine, easy-to-present complete mental program that packs the wallop of an atomic bomb."

So, What's In "Miracles of the Mind"?

Here are what Nelson calls the Master Effects that make up the Miracles of the Mind act:

MASTER EFFECT No. 1: Mentalist borrows two one dollar bills from two different spectators places the bills in two separate envelopes and leaves in possession of spectators. He then divines the serial numbers on each bill, while sealed bill is held by spectator. The numbers are boldly written in crayon on a large tablet, or card.

MASTER EFFECT No. 2: Mentalist asks any spectator to THINK of their Mother's maiden name, name of first boy or girl friend, etc., and with no further ado, discerns the correct thought!

MASTER EFFECT No. 3: Using two ordinary writing tablets (or cards) mentalist has any spectator draw TWO geometric designs on tablet while mentalist across room (back to spectator) duplicates the designs on second tablet with heavy crayon, while spectators watch. The designs match!

MASTER EFFECT No. 4: The actual answering of spectator's written and folded questions. Spectator writes question on card, folds and places initials on outside. Mentalist takes folded cards from punch bowl, or other receptacle, and answers each folded card, one after the other, etc.

So, MIRACLES OF THE MIND contains two serial number divinations, direct telepathy, a drawing duplication, and a Q&A method -- all structured and sequenced for a cohesive act that can be presented for any event ranging from an intimate gathering to a large audience.

In Nelson's own words, "Here is a reputation-building routine that is the answer to your prayer. Each and every step has been carefully conceived, tested and time-proven. No suspicious moves everything appears fair and above board. Spectators are bound to remark and believe... IT MUST  BE REAL MINDREADING!"

But the Pro Shop edition of MIRACLES OF THE MIND delivers more than the original Nelson manuscript, adding a detailed analysis of each Master Effect, historical information about each routine, an updated version of the act, and a list of resources that can make Nelson's original even more compelling.

The 3 Top Reasons Why You Need Some Nelson In Your Life

Reason #1: In my own humble opinion, I believe you need this -- and many other Golden Age titles -- in your library for the simple reason that it is important that you have a sound understanding of the history of our art. A close examination of how Nelson and other entertainers of his time marketed themselves is sure to give you a better understanding of what it was like to be a psychic entertainer during the Golden Age.

Reason #2: In addition to the need for historical perspective, there is also the fact that material like MIRACLES OF THE MIND is a great jumping-off point for crafting your own presentations. 

Reason #3: At the time I'm writing this, no one else is offering this as a digital download. So, while there is nothing rare about a PDF file download, the Pro Shop Edition of MIRACLES OF THE MIND is unique, and I firmly believe that it belongs in every working psychic entertainer's library.

Robert Nelson's

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