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Your Date With Destiny?

Dale Hildebrandt is one of those rare individuals who can be described as a true Renaissance man. For over 20 years, Dale has worked as a magician, mentalist, intuitive reader, energy worker, writer, and teacher.  With the publicaction of Minds, Miracles & Musings Dale shares his unique philosophy and presentations with the rest of the mystery performer community, providing an opportunity which, for the astute reader, could very well change dramatically the impact you have on your audiences and clients.

Rather than fill this page with a lot of ad copy, it might be better to give you a glimpse into Dale's mind and why he is offering to share some of his favorite presentations. With that in mind, here's an excerpt from Minds, Miracles & Musings:

"You were destined to read this book.

I truly believe that destiny has played a part in your reading this book, just as destiny had a part in me writing this book.

At one time in history, magic was accomplished with very little. The props were minimal. Sometimes the only props were the bodies and minds of the magician and the participant. Those were days of shamans and wizards. Those days did not leave us. Instead, we left behind those things in search of something. What were we searching for exactly?

There is a resurgence happening in mentalism. Becoming as “Prop-Free” as possible is high on the agendas of many entertainers. With publications such as Random Acts of Kindness by Jerome Finley, Teardrop by Don Theo III, and The Safwan Papers by Bryn Reynolds, we are coming around to not only recognizing our roots, but also reclaiming those roots. As we reclaim those roots, we become more aware of the energy, rapport, and spark between the magician and the participant. We do this with minimal props, but we use one of the greatest, most sophisticated, and interesting of props. This prop is the human body.

I consider the mind and brain to be part of the human body. So when I say we use the human body as a prop, I am including the brains and minds of both the magician and the participant. We are blazing new trails while using and adapting both modern and ancient technologies and techniques.

There is a new wave of mind reading beginning to happen. Presentation is being focused on more and more. Methods are sometimes relatively simple, even used in the open, but still exciting, different, and amazing for our participants. This new wave combines the old with the modern to produce something new, something that harkens back to the days when wizards and shamans had power, real power — power that inspired people.

You were destined to not just read this book. You are also destined to use this book, to learn from this book, and to apply the lessons you learn. Destiny is calling for you to reclaim the power and use it with wisdom, compassion, and sincerity.

Besides becoming “Prop-Free” in this new wave of mentalism, we are also seeing the sharing of ideas amongst many people. We are seeing a shift in the direction of the current of what is popular. We are witnessing a rebirth of a new age of old times.

You have an invitation. You can become powerful once again. In this book, you will find techniques to not only empower your participants, but yourself as well.

Join us."

Here is just a sampling of what this big 220-page e-book features...

•  Thought Teller: A modular reading process designed for maximum rapport

•  C.O.I.N.Q.A.: A full Q&A act using nothing but coins

•  The Six Dollar Miracle: A bottle melts

•  Out Blessed: A blessing appears on a signed card

•  The complete iDale body magic act

•  Energy Testing Tips

• The Square Card Reading System

•  The Abacus Reading System

•  The Compleat Fingertips Reading System

•  Rock Paper Scissors Time

•  A thought-of card animates

•  Two by TC Tahoe

 Dale's "golden opener" for people who don't believe

Reclaim The Power

Admittedly, Dale's presentational approach may not be for everyone, but if you're tired of the average person's perception of the typical magician ("Oh, you're a magician? Can you make my wife disappear?)... if you'd like to explore what it's like to perform on a deeper level... if you'd like to have a real impact on those you work for... if you'd like to recapture the power experienced by the original shaman... if any of these ideas appeal to you, you will enjoy Dale's thinking and presentations.

If you're ready to reclaim the power...

Order Your Copy Now

Minds, Miracles & Musings

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How often have you read a book or watched a video and thought, "That is really powerful material -- I wish I could talk with the author in person and get the kind of coaching you can only get with a one-on-one session?"

As you might imagine, as a working professional, Dale's schedule is very full. Nonetheless, he has been working closely with a select number of students via the Internet. If you are on Skype, training is available in one-hour blocks for a very affordable $50 an hour, and advanced students can take advantage of Dale's Advanced Level Elite Coaching offer, which includes four 2-hour sessions, field work assignments, and support for $475.

Here are just a few comments from people who have taken Dale's one-on-one Skype training sessions:

"Just finished my transatlantic Skype session with Dale... it was an excellent session which I thoroughly enjoyed!"

"Thanks, Dale, for an amazing Skype session! I really enjoyed and appreciated your time."

"Dale showed me lots of cool things and he has an amazing knowledge Of mentalism. He gave lots of tips to strengthen my routines."

"Dale is a great person. Very generous in sharing his ideas and thoughts on things. He shared lots of techniques and ideas with me and I enjoyed the session. Thanks you very much, Dale!"

"Had the pleasure of having a Skype session with Dale today. Wow!! He not only knows his work inside and out, but he was very understanding of the potential occurrence of crappy connectivity issues on my end. His readings were spot on and, more importantly, the tools he recommends to you were just as valuable as the reading. I highly recommend his Skype sessions to anyone looking for a professionals touch."

"I had a very enjoyable and enlightening Skype session with Dale last week. I was particularly interested in the 'Cubed Roots' reading system, but had no idea that I would be giving Dale a reading within about 15 minutes! Getting thrown in at the deep end like that was great: it really gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to get out and start practising using this oracle. Dale was extremely generous with his knowledge and material: I've come away with loads to work on and think about."

If you've already read some or all of Dale's books, this is an amazing opportunity to receive the personal kind of mentoring that can make all the difference in your own performances. Dale can be contacted directly at mirrorname @


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