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A complete system for readings & performance

Everything you need to present compelling readings and performances
is included in the Standard Edition package.

OMEGA PAD Standard Edition, open

The Standard Edition OMEGA PAD. Measuring approximately 6" x 8-3/4" when closed, the Standard Edition OMEGA PAD appears to be a standard polyvinyl memo portfolio found in your local office supply store. Inside, however, is everything you need to create an endless supply of legitimate magic squares that are custom-designed for your clients and audience members. The built-in cue system means that you'll never be at a loss for what to say (which certainly comes in handy after the 20th reading of the day!), and the modular nature of the OMEGA MATRIX allows you to tailor your readings for anything from a 15 minute to one hour length.

Included on CD with every order:

"The Omega Papers" manual and Addendum. This 70-page PDF-format ebook reads like an investigative report about the enigmatic Dr. Omega, with each chapter detailing a standalone application of the OMEGA PAD. Along the way, you'll learn the essentials of numerology and see the principles demonstrated with actual readings. The open and comprehensive nature of the OMEGA PAD system means that you can create your own legitimate lines for readings, or use the ones provided in the ebook, if you want to get started right away. In addition, you'll get the 30-page Omega Papers Addendum, which has additional ideas and suggestions that are the result of questions raised by original purchasers of the Omega Pad when it was first released.

OMEGA MATRIX tick sheet templates. These are professionally-designed four-color cards that are given to the client as a momento of their reading. The tick sheets are designed to guide you step-by-step through a typical reading, including the creation of a personal, legitimate magic square and can presented as anything from a quick 5-minute character analysis to a full-length 60-minute reading.

The tick sheet templates included on the CD are in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. Print them as is from the PDF file, or customize the Microsoft Word version with your name and contact information. When I print these tick sheets for my own use, it's almost like printing money, since at the very least, each tick sheet represents $15 - $60 in revenue to be realized at my next appearance.

The OMEGA MATRIX pitch book. As any working professional will testify, back-of-the-room sales can make a significant difference in the size of your paycheck for any given event. "The Omega Matrix" is a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" pitch book that you can sell or give away to your clients after a reading or a performance. Inside are complete instructions on how to create the OMEGA MATRIX (the hard way, that is -- once they see what's involved in creating a legitimate magic square, they'll really be impressed by how quickly you created theirs!), plus how to use it to transform their dreams into reality. You also get a master copy and license to print as many of these as you like for your own use.

Like the OMEGA MATRIX tick sheets, the OMEGA MATRIX pitch book is included on the CD in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats. The sales of this pitch book will more than pay for the purchase price of the OMEGA PAD very quickly, and continue to do so for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: "The Omega Matrix" is only available with the OMEGA PAD -- it is not part of the regular line of pitch books sold by The Pro Shop.

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