What Are Tick Sheets and Pitch Books?

Let’s talk about tick sheets first.

In the Golden Age of psychic entertainment, dealers like Bob Nelson would provide his customers -- including mentalists and professional psychic readers -- with tick sheets that would allow them to “tick” off a list of attributes associated with a client that were psychically divined during the course of a reading.

Afterwards, the client would be given the tick sheet as a momento of the reading. Athough the “souvenir” aspect of the tick sheet is what the client focused on, the real purpose of the tick sheet was as a subtle form of advertising for the professional since their contact information was prominently displayed on the back.

Nelson sold his tick sheets by the caseload, and when his customers ran low they’d order more. A win-win situation, you might say, since both Nelson and his professional customers were making a decent amount on the tick sheets.

Expanding on an excellent premise, the Pro Shop line of tick sheets come in a variety of sizes and are based on a number of different oracles, including palmistry, Tarot, numerology and aura readings. If you’ve never used a tick sheet before, you’ll appreciate three aspects of them right away...

• Natural marketing. Each tick sheet has your name and contact information on it, making it easy for clients to contact you after the initial reading.

• Professionally-designed keepsake. People will hang on to these tick sheets and cards long after they may have lost your business card.

• Built-in memory cues. Each tick sheet is designed so it practically leads you step-by-step through a 5-, 10- or 15-minute reading.

You can use a tick sheet during the course of either stage or walkaround performances, and they work especially well in impromptu situations. They fit easily into your pocket or wallet, which means you’re always ready to go.

The big improvement over the tick sheets used in the Age of Nelson, of course, is that every Pro Shop tick sheet package is customized with your professional information and delivered to you in digital format (Adobe Acrobat PDF format, to be precise), which means you can take it to a print shop and run off thousands, or print them in smaller quantities on your printer at home.

If you’re giving readings and not using a tick sheet, you’re literally giving up the opportunity for future business with clients and their friends and associates. For another sure-fire way to market yourself, read on...

"It's been a very profitable year, largely due to you and your products. I'm grateful."

~ Thomas Lane Gray


The Awesome Power of Pitch Books

A pitch book is a classic example of a BOR (short for “back of the room) product, which is typically sold after a performance or speaking engagement. Depending on how successful your appearance is, many people will want to purchase something to remind them of the experience -- a momento, if you will -- and this is where your opportunity to increase your income lies.

Ask any pro who uses this closely-guarded method to boost their earnings -- on many nights they take in more money in book sales than they receive for performing. Now, it’s your turn to profit from this little-known and little-used professional technique.

“Wait a minute,” you’re may be saying, “I’ve never written a book in my life.”

Even if you’ve never written so much as a postcard, with the simple purchase of a Pro Shop pitch book you can become an “instant author” -- today -- of a fascinating book. Every Pro Shop book is customized with your own name listed as the author on the cover and on the “About The Author” bio page inside. Imagine the instant credibility you’ll have as the author of one or more books of your own.

By the way, your name on the cover of a book is a very subtle way to get your audience to view you as an expert on the subject of whatever the book is about. Owning and controlling the inventory of a product of your own like a Pro Shop pitch book means that you will...

• Make more money
• Be seen as an expert
• Increase your bookings
• Be remembered by your audience
• Create a continuous cash flow

How Does This Work?

As you are about to see, a pitch book from The Pro Shop is far more than just the traditional old-fashioned pitch book.

In the old days, you’d send someone like Bob Nelson a check and he’d send you 500 pitch books. When you ran out of books, you’d send him another check and he’d send you some more books. Make no mistake about it -- you’d be making a healthy profit on each book you sold, but the bottom line was that you were always dependent on Nelson to supply you with your inventory.

“Hmmm”, one might think, “there must be a better way...”

Enter The Pro Shop.

When you purchase a Pro Shop pitch book, you’ll receive a customized master copy of the pitch book as a digital Adobe Acrobat PDF file, ready to print out from your computer as you need them.

Or, if you wish, you can take the PDF file to your nearby copy shop (such as Kinko’s, Office Max, Office Depot or Staples). These copy shops can then print the book in any quantity you wish, and with any binding you want.

That’s it - it’s that simple... you are now the author of a fascinating book.

A key feature of the design of the Pro Shop pitch books is that they don’t have a price listed anywhere on them. This means you’ll be able to print up as many as you like and sell them for any amount you wish (I would suggest something like $5 - $10, but I’ve seen people sell them for much more). Once you buy a Pro Shop pitch book, they are yours to sell forever. You could even give them away - and as odd as that may sound, there are times when you will want to do exactly that.

Special Bonus With Every Pitch Book

As mentioned above, there are many ways to use pitch books to your advantage, and it would be almost negligent of us to equip you with a powerful asset like this without also providing you with some kind of instructions.

And that’s why with each pitch book order, you receive as a bonus the Special Report, “18 Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income with Back-of-the-Room Sales.” This report is a $15 value, and by using just a few of the secret insider techniques you’ll learn inside, you’ll be able to use your pitch books to bring in even more revenue with each appearance.

Double Your Effectiveness

So you’ve seen the individual advantages of using tick sheets in your readings and pitch books after your shows... imagine how powerful the combination of the two can be! You can, of course, order most tick sheets or pitch books by themselves (a few come only as a set), but because they complement themselves so well, we offer Special Value packages that feature not only a tick sheet and a pitch book, but other bonuses as well.

Your Next Step

Take a look through the Pro Shop website and imagine which of the tick sheets and pitch books would most effectively enhance your public persona, and then contact us. We’re usually able to get your materials back to you within a few days -- so what are you waiting for?

The PRO SHOP Packages

There are currently several offerings in The Pro Shop pitch book and tick sheet series ...

•              •             •            •            •

The Akashic Pendulum Readings Package

If you’ve ever seen the look of wonder and fascination that comes over a client’s face the first time they use a pendulum, you can imagine how powerful a reading is that features answers and wisdom brought forth with a pendulum held in their own hands. Includes "Secrets of the Pendulum" pitch book, three pendulum tick cards, Angelic Protection Cards, Angel Message Cards, and a 30-page manual that explains how to present amazingly powerful readings using the materials provided.

CLICK HERE for more details on The Akashic Pendulum Readings Package

•              •             •            •            •

The Aura Readings Package

Professional Aura Reading Products - Aura readings are one of the most powerful and compelling ways to connect with your clients, and yet very few professional psychics take advantage of this elegant reading system. Honestly, that is such a shame, because like palmistry, aura readings can be done anywhere... anytime... anyplace. Once you've learned how to read auras, you'll never be without the knowledge needed to give readings that can be anything from a five-minute quickie to a full-blown professional consultation.


•              •             •            •            •

The Astrology Business Package

"PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer" is a book that goes into detail on the Basics of Astrology, the 12 Sun Signs, Planetary Influences, the 12 Houses, and the Meaning of Cusps. In addition, there are explanations of how to draw your own chart for any day PLUS how to identify astrological trends for longer periods of time. There are also charts that anyone can use to find their ideal romantic and sexual partner, and a set of horoscope cards that make the perfect premium for your clients.

CLICK HERE for more details on "PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer"

•              •             •            •            •

The Dreams Package

"DREAMS, OMENS & SUPERSTITIONS" is a book that covers the history of dream interpretation and how to remember your important dreams. In addition, there is an "A to Z" Dictionary of Dreams containing Dream Symbols and their Meanings. To round out this insightful book, there is a section on Omens and Superstitions, including Beliefs Concerning the Human Body, Animals, Clothing, Household Superstitions, Weddings, and Weather Omens. Also included is a pamphlet titled, "How to Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards" and the Special Report, "The Mind's Eye Dream Sequence Reading".


•              •             •            •            •

Pro Shop Palmistry Packages

"PALMISTRY, LOVE & YOU" is a book that covers the history of palmistry and how to interpret the lines in your hand. In addition, there is a chapter on "How Can Palmistry Help Me Find My One True Love?". This is an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand book with illustrations of all the major lines and markings. Your customers will hang on to this forever, and show it to all their friends.

CLICK HERE for more details on "PALMISTRY, LOVE & YOU"

For an even better deal, be sure to check out the COMPLETE Palmistry Package, which bundles the pitch book described above with a no-brainer tick sheet and a full-length book on palmistry to help bring out the palmistry expert hidden in you.

CLICK HERE for more details on the COMPLETE PALMISTRY Package

•              •             •            •            •

Pro Shop Numerology Packages

The Karmic Numerology Package - This is a sweet little bundle that works well as either a standalone reading or as the perfect addition to the Omega Pad. It includes the Karmic Numbers Tick Card, the "Your Karmic Numbers" pitch book, "The Pythagorean Relationship Chart" (a really easy way to do relationship readings), and "The Novumcella Divino Report" (a super simple way to do impromptu forecasts for clients and prospects).


•              •             •            •            •

"LOVE & YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS" is a book that shows your customers how to use the ancient art of Numerology to discover their most compatible lovers, and how to make their existing relationship even better. In addition, this book reveals how to find their Four Most Important Numbers and how these numbers will give them the power to create their own lucky numbers.

CLICK HERE for more details on "LOVE & YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS"

•              •             •            •            •


The Total Tarot Business Bundle goes WAY beyond just a pitch book, including as well my own Tarot Workshop Instuctor's Guide, FOUR tick sheet handout templates, a powerful Guided Tarot Meditation for your clients, plus the "18 Tested & Proven Ways To Increase Your Income with Back-of-the-Room Sales" manuscript. All of this is tied together in the 40-page Owner's Guide which is full of ideas, techniques and methods drawn from my own 20 years in the business.


•              •             •            •            •

"MAGIC AS A HOBBY" If you perform any kind of magic, this 24-page half-sized book (5-1/2" by 8") is perfect to sell after your show. It contains 75 easy-to-learn tricks using cards, coins, glasses, pencils, rings, dice, and paper money. It also features mindreading stunts, brain teasers and math magic, plus the important aspects of becoming a magician.

CLICK HERE for more details on "MAGIC AS A HOBBY"

If you're really serious about increasing your income with as little effort as possible, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action, and fortunately it's easy to do.

Start right now - before you forget - by ordering your copies of these proven moneymakers.

I guarantee you won't regret it.

P.S. You will NOT find an offer like this anywhere else. For an extremely low price you will get a master digital copy of a Pro Shop pitch book with reprint rights, customized with your name and bio information, PLUS the Special Report "18
Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book", PLUS the additional money-making Special Report or Handout designed to generate interest in the full-size book.

P.S.S. Be sure to sign up for the Pro Shop newsletter (if you haven't already). It's our occasional newsletter that's filled with tips and ideas for increasing your income, PLUS exclusive notifications of special offers for the discerning professional.

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