The Astrology Business Package

To equip you with all the tools you need to make the maximum amount of revenue in your professional readings business, I've put together a newly-revamped astrology pitchbook and tick sheet package called, oddly enough, the COMPLETE Astrology Business Package.

Not only does it come with the original full-length 40-page "Practical Astrology" pitch book, but it now includes a cost-effective 12-page version entitled, "Astrology For The Beginner."

In addition, the COMPLETE Astrology Business Package includes templates for "Your Yearly Astrological Forecast & Profile." Now you can offer your clients one of twelve pocket-sized astrological reports that includes their sun sign characteristics and forecasts for the important areas of their lives (for entertainment purposes only, of course).

Like all of the other Pro Shop pitchbook and tick sheet products, each component of the COMPLETE Astrology Business Package comes customized with your own contact and bio information, making it a walking advertisement for you and your services.

"PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer" is a book that goes into detail on the Basics of Astrology, the 12 Sun Signs, Planetary Influences, the 12 Houses, and the Meaning of Cusps.

In addition, there are explanations of how to draw your own chart for any day PLUS how to identify astrological trends for longer periods of time. There are also charts that anyone can use to find their ideal romantic and sexual partner.

Unlike many pitch books which are usually only 5-1/2" by 8" in size and 12 to 16 pages in length, "PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer" is a full-sized 36-page book measuring 8.5" by 11".

This book is a complete and in-depth product that you will be proud to call your own. Buying the reprint rights to this book ensures that you get exactly the amount and style that fits your needs. You pay only once and it's yours.

I'm sure you've already realized how profitable this book will be, especially with the popularity of astrology being on the upswing. There's only one thing limiting how much money you can make with this single book, and that is how much money you want to make.


If you order right now, you will also get these bonuses...


This Special Chart is an excerpt from the book that you can sell on its own or give away as a promotional item. Although the chart is a stand-alone product, your customers will most likely wind up buying the book also, since the chart refers the customer to the book for further details.


You could easily double or triple your appearance fee by simply selling pitch books before and after your show. But with the purchase of this book, you will also get the Special Report "12 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book."

By using just a few of these secret insider techniques you will be able to use your pitch book to bring in even more cash.

Look, if you're anything like me, you hate those long and overwhelming letters where "salesmen" try a million different ways to seperate you from your cash. As I say elsewhere on this site, I'm not a "salesman" -- and I don't see it anywhere in my future, either.

Besides, if you haven't already realized the potential of this product, it probably isn't for you anyway.

So, let's cut to the chase and talk about exactly what the deal is.

When you plunk down your cash, this is what you get:

• A digital Adobe PDF copy of "PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer" with your name on the book's cover, and a bio page with your custom information on the inside
BONUS #2: The Special Report, "18 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book"

What kind of investment are you going to have to make to get all this?

I've seen information products like this go for $97 or more.

How about just $67?

THAT'S RIGHT - for less than the cost of detailing your Lexus, you can become an "Instant Author" and start selling copies of your book at whatever price you decide to charge. If you sell them for $10 each, you'll easily make your investment back at your next appearance, and then some. After that, it's just PURE PROFIT.


Now, remember - I can't guarantee that the price will be this low much longer. When you stop to consider that the earnings potential with this book is really unlimited, the reprint rights fee is really just pocket change, even if the price goes up (like many people are advising me to do).

If you're really serious about increasing your income with as little effort as possible, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action, and fortunately it's easy to do.

Start right now - before you forget - by ordering your copy of this proven moneymaker.

ONLY $67.00


Ordering Information

1) To order, simply click on the "Add To Cart" button above.
2) You'll be transferred to the PayPal credit card processing website and asked for your name, credit card, email and phone information.
3) When you click on the "Submit" button, your credit card account will be charged.
4) When PayPal notifies me of your payment, I'll email you for your customization information (bio, photo, contact info).
5) Depending on the timing of the transaction (weekday vs. weekend, for example), I am usually able to send you your customized book within 24 - 48 hours, and sometimes even less than that.

6) This product is ONLY available as a customized master. Please don't ask for blank or open/unlocked copies of the source documents in Word or Publisher format -- I provide you with a finished product... period.
If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email me.

P.S. You will NOT find an offer like this anywhere else. For the extremely low price of $67 you will get the digital PDF master copy of "PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: Be Your Own Astrologer" with reprint rights, customized with your name and bio information, PLUS the Special Report "18 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Increase Your Income With A Pitch Book", PLUS the additional money-making Special Handout, "YOUR LIFETIME ROMANCE COMPATIBILITY CHART".

P.S.S. Be sure to sign up for The Pro Shop newsletter (if you haven't already). It's my exclusive newsletter that is filled with tips and ideas for increasing your income, PLUS lots of free stuff that you will be able to use instantly to bring even more success into your life. (We NEVER sell, rent or trade any of your personal information. For details on our privacy policy, click HERE.)

The Fine Print

This offer is for a single digital master copy of the "Practical Astrology: Be Your Own Astrologer" book. Your purchase gives you the right to print and sell as many copies under your own name as you like, but it does not give you the right to sell the master reprint rights to anyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: "PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY : Be Your Own Astrologer" is a complete and professionally-produced product, using high-end publishing software. Please do not ask for a copy in Microsoft Word or other text-based formats.

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