Q: How much free publicity will you get after listening to the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM?

A: As much as you can handle.



How To Become An Instant Celebrity Without Leaving The Comfort of Your Home...

The EASY Way

Are you a psychic reader, spiritual counselor or intuitive practitioner who's looking for a better way to promote yourself and your services to a larger audience? Would you like to know the best way to market your private readings, public lectures and personal appearances to a local or regional audience? Or maybe you've written a book, and you're ready to promote it to a bigger, national audience?

Whether you're just starting out, or have been working at it for a while, you're about to learn one of the best-kept secrets in the advertising and marketing industry, and here it is: Radio is by far the most cost-effective way to market yourself... period.

I know -- that surprised me, too, the first time I heard it.

The surprising truth is that despite all of the technological advances of the Internet, radio still has some clear advantages, including tremendous exposure and immediate response. In addition, you just can't buy the credibility you'll receive by appearing on the radio... it is literally priceless.

And yet, marketing yourself on the radio is the perfect approach for both start-up and existing businesses who are operating on a shoe-string budget. In fact, radio might very well be the best way to "level the playing field" and put you on an equal footing with competitors with unlimited budgets.

You might be thinking, "Well, that's great for established authors and celebrities, but what about me?"

Consider this: Radio stations have an insatiable appetite for guests to appear on their air waves. It's been estimated that over 10,000 guests are needed... EVERY DAY... week after week... month after month. Obviously, not all of these 10,000 guests are "established authors and celebrities" ... yet.

Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to promote yourself on the radio:

• To increase local "face-to-face" business

• To advertise phone readings

• To market a new book or product

• To promote workshops & lectures

• To promote an upcoming psychic fair

• For the sheer thrill of becoming an instant celebrity!

So, how do you get started?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could show you all the ins and outs of radio promotion, and save you all the headaches that come from diving into something completely new... someone who's been doing it for years, and has developed a no-risk, fool-proof system that requires no special knowledge or skills?


I'd like you to meet Michael Spremulli, also known throughout the radio world (and elsewhere, of course) as "The Intuitionist." Born with a vision problem that left him nearly legally blind, Michael discovered that what other people might consider to be a handicap actually allowed him to develop his intuitive abilities to the point that he was able to know things about people and their future in a way that is downright uncanny.

Several years ago, Michael got the idea that it might be interesting to go on the radio and offer free intuitive readings to listeners, and so he set out to do exactly that. Like many things in life, booking yourself as a guest on the radio is often "easier said than done", and Michael quickly learned that there is right way to go about this... and most definitely, a WRONG way, as well.

As is often the case with many people born with physical limitations, Michael was very persistant, and as a result he was able to develop a system that allowed him to get on as many radio stations as he wanted to... whenever and wherever he wanted.

He's one of those guests that radio producers and hosts just love to have on their shows because it guarantees that the phone is going to be ringing off the hook the entire time Michael is on the air. He's a popular radio guest all over the country, appearing coast-to-coast -- often in as many as five states within a few hours!


Recently I was able to convince Michael to sit down for a one-on-one interview to share all of the secrets he learned the hard way. I was immediately impressed with the depth of Michael's knowledge, and the honesty and candor with which he described his system of radio promotion. Michael pulls no punches, and tells it exactly as it is.

The resulting audio is over two hours long and packed with tips and techniques that will be invaluable in helping you to utilize your most valuable assets -- time, money and energy. With the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM, you will learn:

• The 3 biggest benefits of appearing on the radio

• How appearing on the radio will boost your image and credibility

• The 6 most important things you MUST have before appearing on the radio

• How to avoid the biggest wastes of time and money

• The biggest mistake made by many professionals today

• How to make your business MUCH bigger than it currently is

Michael's RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM takes you step-by-step through the process of booking yourself on the radio, assuming that you've never done radio promotion before and are starting from square one. Using Michael's plan, you will be able to determine exactly how far you want to go -- local, regional, national... or even international.

You'll hear real-life stories that clearly illustrate what works (and what doesn't), including Michael describing his own embarrassing mistake when he first started promoting himself, and you'll learn the one thing you MUST do to succeed (hint: doctors, lawyers and churches are already doing it).

For $5000, you could get a professional public relations firm to get you radio bookings -- but only for three months. Or, for a fraction of that cost, you can let Michael teach you everything you need to know to accomplish EXACTLY the same result, for as long as you want.

The RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM is specifically designed for the individual who doesn't have a ton of money, but wants a ton of free publicity, and Michael reveals why it is now easier than ever to do this successfully.

Even if you're only working part-time as a psychic counselor, you'll be able to put yourself ahead of 90% of the competition out there today.


In this full-length audio interview, Michael reveals exactly how he's mastered the radio publicity game and shares many of the ideas, tips and techniques that he has used in his own appearances for over 10 years. Some of the topics discussed include:

• 3 sure-fire methods for getting radio publicity

• Why it doesn't matter where you live

• The one thing you must do before you call a radio producer or host

• The worst thing you can say to a radio producer or host

• How to get producers to practically beg you to appear on their show

• How to get past the "So what?" factor

• How to guarantee a successful appearance

• How to establish rapport with your radio audience

• The two things that will guarantee return bookings

• What to beware of once you're appearing on the radio

... And that's just scratching the surface of what you'll learn.

Every time Michael appears on the radio, his business goes through the roof... and yours can, too. As Michael puts it, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to be successful at this -- but you do need a plan. And, unless you've got a lot of time to waste, it needs to be a proven plan.

In the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM, you'll learn how to take control of the entire marketing process, from start to finish, and how to position yourself the way you want to be positioned. You'll learn the right way to get your offering delivered to the decision-maker, as well as how to secure the largest number of bookings for the least amount of money (sometimes $0!), with the least amount of headaches.


Michael provides you with the reality check that is so necessary to being successful in the rough-and-tumble world of radio. Other people have offered similar products, and don't get me wrong -- they are fine products, for most people. But, as you are probably well aware of, working as a professional psychic, spiritual counselor or intuitive practitioner is a lot different than most occupations.

This, however, is exactly what Michael does, and as such he is able to offer specific strategies for anyone who wants to share their special abilities with the general public via the radio.

In this audio interview, you'll hear:

• Why producers and hosts LOVE to book psychics

• How to avoid the radio "ambush" and what to do when it happens

• How to do a "group reading" on the air

• How to avoid the #1 most humiliating mistake on the air

• Michael's preferred methods for on-air readings

• The biggest mistake many psychics make when on the air

• How to earn the undying love of radio hosts and producers

• The best way to present your readings on the air


One of the first lessons Michael learned was that the name of the game is getting your name in front of production managers, producers and show hosts who are looking for interesting and compelling guests. As simple as that may sound, there is both a right way to do that, and many wrong ways.

Michael discovered that there is a simple, yet fool-proof way to get the biggest return on your investment of time, money and energy, and has put together the "Essential Radio Promotion Toolkit." In this toolkit are 7 items that you MUST have before you even think of starting yor radio promotion campaign... without them, you'll definitely be short-changing yourself, and creating additional work that could be easily avoided.

The "Essential Radio Promotion Toolkit" will enable you to avoid one of the major handicaps that many pros aren't even aware of, and at the same time add a level of professionalism that will separate you from the majority of psychic readers and counselors out there today. You'll learn how to get producers to pick up the phone and call YOU for bookings, plus the one question that every producer wants answered before they will book you.

In addition, you'll learn...

• Why you don't need a fancy press kit

• Why you'll never need to fax a press release again

• How to streamline your research process

• Which radio stations you don't want to waste your time with

• The best-kept "secret market" for radio psychics

• How and when to contact radio stations

• What to do when they say "No"

• The most fun way to promote yourself

• How to "get your feet wet" with little or no risk

In this ground-breaking audio CD set, Michael also shares the two main ways he gets radio bookings any time he wants. In fact, using one of these easy techniques, Michael got a phenomenal 100% booking rate from his last promotion campaign.

Michael is a big believer in teaching by example, so he has included many examples that have worked flawlessly for him in the past, and are still working for him today, including the exact pitch he uses when he calls up a radio station for the first time.


Needless to say, the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to get up and running as quickly as possible. But what about the "Moment of Truth" ... when you've successfully booked your first appearance, and are about to go on the air ... in front of thousands of people?

Not to worry -- Michael has shared plenty of tips and techniques that are sure to make ALL of your radio appearances nearly stress-free, including his secret weapon that practically guarantees a perfect radio appearance. Using this one simple tool, you will be able to conquer the biggest fear people have about appearing on the radio.

Michael will teach you...

• What to do when you first get to the station

• The 3 key questions you need to ask before air-time

• Two things you need to take away from your appearance

• 3 essential actions to take AFTER your appearance

• How and when to contact radio stations

• How to track your results

Without a doubt, Michael has blazed the radio trail for you, allowing you to learn from ALL of his experiences -- the good, the bad and the ugly. In this one-of-a-kind audio program, Michael reveals what many professional public relations firms would rather keep to themselves -- namely, how to get your name in front of literally thousands of people for little or no money at all.


BONUS #1: To make the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM even more valuable to you, Michael has agreed to offer, at no additional cost, examples of the actual tools he uses to book himself on radio stations across the country. They include:

• The actual press release Michael uses to fill his appearance calendar

• Michael's secret weapon that guarantees a perfect appearance -- every time!

• A list of essential websites that will save you time and money, every step of the way

• The professionally-designed log sheet that makes record-keeping a breeze

Because computer systems vary from person to person, these files are included in both Word and PDF format, allowing you to customiz them for your own individual requirements. How cool is that?


BONUS #2: Sure, it's invaluable to learn Michael's simple system for booking yourself on radio stations across the country (or around the world, if you prefer), but wouldn't it be neat to hear what he actually says and does on a typical radio appearance? I thought so, too, and that's why we've included a series of actual radio readings Michael was able to capture not too long ago.

Listen in as Michael uses his intuitive skills to answer callers' questions such as:

"Do you see a permanent future for me and my boyfriend?"

"Am I stuck in my current career or is there a different future for me?"

"Is there a new love interest in my near future?"

"I've got two men in my life -- which one should I choose?"

"Are there any children in the future?"

"Will I be able to make contact with an old friend?"

"Will my marriage survive this current situation?"

Inititially, it was thought that the bonus tools and radio readings would be offered as downloads, but the simple truth is that most people hate long downloads, so we've made it simple and convenient for you and put them all on a third Bonus CD.

Altogether, you get three CDs that teach you everything you need to get started promoting yourself on the radio. Following Michael's system, you could be making your first radio appearance within just a few weeks. Seriously now -- what are you waiting for?


You're probably wondering what something like the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM might cost.

Think about it for just a moment -- what is the time and expert advice of a professional like Michael worth in the real world? The days of the $50 an hour consultation are long gone, and most psychic and alternative practitioners are charging anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour. And that's just a regular session, not a two-hour teaching session where a professional like Michael teaches you a practical, step-by-step system that you will use over and over again for years to come.

Perhaps more importantly, ask yourself what is your time worth?

How valuable would it be to you to be able to cut your learning curve to practically nothing, and get up and running in a tiny fraction of the time it would take you to learn for yourself everything that's already on the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM?

In addition, we'd like to keep this information as exclusive as possible -- you'll understand why when you hear it yourself, and you'll also understand why we don't want it loose in the hands of just anyone. Sure, it's true that over 10,000 guests are needed on radio shows every day, but wouldn't you like to keep the competition in the psychic field down to a minimum?

For all of the reasons listed above, the price for the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM is $97 -- and as you've already seen, it's worth far more than that to the serious professional.


By the way, perhaps the easiest way to cost-justify your purchase of the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM is to compare the cost of it to the cost of buying an ad on the radio. Market research reveals that advertising rates START at $300 a minute (and that's for a small radio station) and go all the way up to $30,000 a minute for a nationally-syndicated show like The Howard Stern Show.

Compared to the cost of buying radio air-time, the one-time investment you're laying out for the RADIO FOR PSYCHICS SYSTEM is truly a no-brainer, and far less than what you would pay for a single one-minute radio advertisement.

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