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I first became aware of Dale Hildebrandt during the halcyon days of SYZYGY, Lee Earle's brilliant newsletter for mentalists, but it wasn't until much later that I had the pleasure of delving into the deeply provocative thinking that is Dale's trademark. Dale has a truly unique perspective that draws heavily from the worlds of magic, mentalism, psychology and energy work, and it's a perspective that anyone who wants to produce miracles on demand will appreciate.

Here's what just one of Dale's fans has to say:

"Dale's teaching style and material is a pleasure to read – deep, thought-provoking and remarkable. I have incorporated a number of Dale's ideas in my own work with great results."
~~Jerome Finley

With that in mind, let's take a look at the first release we're offering from Dale...


First released in 2009, Risk & Reward contains 18 highly original items that blend subliminal influence, bizaare magic, and mentalism to produce some very unusual (and sometimes unsettling) results. With contributions and ideas from Sean Fields, Caleb Strange, Kenton Knepper, and Banachek, this 45-page ebook is the perfect introduction to Dale's brand of imaginative thinking.

Here's a listing of what's in Risk & Reward:

• ONE HOT COIN A coin becomes hot inside a spectator‘s hand.

THE FIELDS FOLLOW-UP: A visual variation on One Hot Coin

DEVILISH (four presentations): You predict how someone will move objects on a table

ZEN GARDEN KOAN COIN: A copper coin changes to silver in a miniature Zen garden

YET ANOTHER RIPPER EFFECT: A scalpel becomes possessed

PSYCHOTAPS: You tap out a number only thought of by a person

MIME VANISH: Designed to baffle those familiar with the French Drop

AURA OR AURA: A person feels their own aura

STRANGE SENSATIONS: Caleb Strange's take on "Aura or Aura"

IF STATUES COULD CRY: A statue (chosen from many) cries
PEDOMETER PROOF: A pedometer records an astral journey

PSYCHIC COW TIPPING: A rural variation on a PK classic

TO TIE-DYE FOR: Colored liquids vanish and reappear on a piece of paper

BUDDHA ON HECKLERS: Words of wisdom from an enlightened being

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The impression of a watch appears on the performer's wrist

NUMERICAL IMPRESSIONS: You predict the time on an imaginary watch

BANACHEK‘S IMPRESSIONS: Banachek's version of "Numerical Impressions"

FROM BEYOND!: A seance is held, and proof of contact appears on an answering machine


You didn't think we'd offer something from The Pro Shop without sweetening the offer with some bonuses, did you?

As if the presentations contained in Risk & Reward weren't enough, Dale has been gracious enough to add the following bonuses with the purchase of this book:

RISK & REWARD Bonus #1: One Hottest Coin

As described in Risk & Reward, "One Hot Coin" is just one of the presentations in that book that is ripe with possibilities. Not content to leave it alone, Dale published "One Hotter Coin", which expands upon the original premise. Did he stop there? Of course not, and the result was "One Hottest Coin", which takes the concept even further. But, as they say on TV, that's not all...

In addition to "One Hottest Coin", this 49-page book includes:

• Energy Hand: Your hand becomes noticably warmer (with no gimmicks!)

• How To Properly Charge Crystals: Use this for yourself, or teach it to your audiences

• Two Methods For Handling Non-Responsive Volunteers

• Two Imaginary Date Revelations

• An Exploration of the Psychotaps Principle (with five additional routines)

• Lucky Bill Rides Again: Using suggestion alone, a person's hand begins to itch, and they wind up with a positive attitude toward wealth (no itching powder required)

Risk & Reward Bonus #2: Dale's Deluxe Deal

This 24-page ebook contains six of Dale's pet routines, including:

• Sally Sells Seahells: Walking along a beach, a person's secret memory is revealed, and the sea glows in response

• Star Child: Stars move, and a father shares a generations-old family ritual with his children

• Worry Not, Doll: A person's worries are removed with the help of a doll.

• Parse Q&A: Dada Art mixes with Q&A and has a love child

• Scratch: How to set up a Demon Hunters group and scare the wits out of friends

• Pulsating Pendulum: An audience member uses a pendulum to locate a chosen Tarot card

Simple addition reveals that all told, Risk & Reward + One Hottest Coin + Dale's Deluxe Deal = 123 pages of Dale's highly creative material for only $35. 

In my humble opinion, that's a pretty fair deal. 

Not everyone is going to be happy about that, as the following will illustrate:

"I hope you discard all the information given in this book and you don‘t perform any of the effects, or use any of the methods and ideas Dale has generously given here. That way, when I meet you I can show you some wonderful magic that will fool the socks off of you."
– Adam White

(plus 2 bonuses)

Price Only: $35.00

But wait -- be sure to check out the deal below...


Also released in 2009, HAND BLUFFS is, quite simply, an incredible resource for working professionals. While Dale continues in this book to come up with very interesting themes and plot lines for presentations that play well for mentalism and bizarre magick audiences, it's clear that in HAND BLUFFS he begins to move his thinking toward the real thing. Careful readers of this material will gain an understanding of how to directly effect and change their audiences and clients.

"In all seriousness, what Dale has laid out in this humble and thought-provoking book is at once both extremely useable and very effective. Grab your mental pick and shovel in preparation to mine the gold from these pages. There's plenty of it and I know you'll be well rewarded."
~~ Jerome Finley

"Dale has offered up another collection of his interesting observations and odd ideas which create the chance for us to navigate our way to thoughts that might have otherwise never been."
~~ Michael Weber
"With Hand Bluffs and Risk & Reward, Dale gives you tons of informations on how to connect with people in a very special way. If you are a reader, energy worker, or mentalist, these are the books for you. With all the information in these books, you will be able to enhance every type of performance. You can literally start a new business in the "energy work" world with them!"
~~ Luca Volpe

A detailed description of the contents of this 132-page ebook that includes contributions and ideas from Liam Montier, Adam White, Michael Weber, Oliver Meech, Colin McCleod, Dr. Spektor, and Caleb Strange would run several pages, so I'll just list the major items here:

• HANDSHAKE INTUITION: How to create Magick with a simple handshake

• AN ERICKSONIAN READER’S OPENING: How to get clients to really open up

• THE BACK SLAP ANCHOR: Use an NLP technique to create miracles in another's mind

• THREE KNUCKLE SWISH: Another NLP tool to create positive attitudes in clients

• THE DEEPER TAROT: A simple Tarot reading with profound implications

• CAPTAIN PENNY, THE PSYCHIC PIRATE: A fun routine which reveals how much loot someone has stolen from your treasure chest

• WITCH FINGERS: A spectator successfully performs a feat of water dowsing

• HAUNTED HOUSE HALLOWEEN HORROR: A word divination with a spooky theme

• BIRTHDATED: Guess the birth month of someone within two months -- guaranteed.

• IMPRINTING THE IMPOSSIBLE II: You reveal a card imagined by an audience member

• SUPER COIN IN HAND: No magnets, no electronics... just your mind.


• THE ANNA GRAHM TAVERN: 8 progressive anagram routines, one of which doesn't use a progressive anagram (!).

• THE FACE AND LINES: 5 routines using an unsettling optical illusion

• ONE HOTTER COIN: The sequel to "One Hot Coin"

• ALIEN AMAZEMENT: How to start a UFO cult that actually sees UFOs

• CUBED ROOTS: How to transform The Cube from an interesting exercise into a powerfully empowering reading... this section is actually a book unto itself.

Yes, Virginia... There Are More Bonuses

If you order HAND BLUFFS, you will receive not only One Hottest Coin and Dale's Deluxe Deal, but you will receive two ADDITIONAL bonuses. The first bonus is Dale's follow-up to the Cubed Roots section in HAND BLUFFS, entitled Cubed Roots -- To The Nth Degree.

HAND BLUFFS Bonus #1: Cubed Roots -- To The Nth Degree

In this 22-page supplement to Cubed Roots, Dale shares "A Line" -- a single sentence that will make a world of difference in your readings, whether you use The Cube or any system of your own. In Dale's own words...

"Once you understand the premise, you can use this premise in other readings, whether those readings are psychic, psychological, or in-between.  I really love 'A Line' because it is so simple, but hits so big – and also because it generally hits the sitter/client after you have given them the reading, thus prolonging your position as a authority in the field and enhancing your prestige."

In addition to "A Line", Dale includes five readings that he gave using the system which will provide you with insight into the way Dale uses this powerful system to deliver powerful, life-affirming readings to his clients.

HAND BLUFFS Bonus #2: The Energy Testing and Energy Work Seminar

This 24-page ebook is the actual outline Dale uses to present his seminars on Energy Testing and Energy Work. Comprised of 32 easy energy exercises for seminar attendees to experience themselves, this and some flyers are really all you'll need to start presenting your own Energy Seminars.

If you've been looking for a new revenue stream to add to your performances and readings, this could very well be just what you're looking for. With nothing but a presentation space and the ability to speak coherently, you can increase your earning potential significantly, especially if you add back-of-the-room sales and private readings that can be offered at your seminars.


(Plus FOUR Bonuses)

Price Only: $150.00



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