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by C. Dayton

Introducing ROSES ON A STAGE

Imagine a reading system that would enable you to do a reading anytime, anywhere for anyone, with no props whatsoever.

They could ask you a question, or just think of one, or have a general reading without a specific question in mind.

Using this system, you could also do an entirely propless Q&A if you wanted, needed or felt the urge to.

Just to be clear: no billets, no envelopes, no one-ahead, no impression devices, no stooges, no pre-show. No kidding.

As you have most likely surmised, I'm describing Roses on a Stage.

Like many truly powerful reading systems, the beauty of this system is that it is the real deal -- no subterfuge or tricky moves, 100% legitimate.

"I found C.Dayton's Roses on a Stage to be a solid (and easy-to-learn) reading system perfect for those occasions when you want to do totally prop-free readings.

I especially like his methods of involving the client in the reading process -- this is a powerful technique that will further enhance the impact of the readings.

Without a doubt, this book contains many great ideas that I will put to use in my own readings!"
~~ Millard Longman

Theoretically, you can perform Roses on a Stage and tell your client or audience exactly what you are doing, and they will accept it whole-heartedly.

The basis for Roses on a Stage is so clean, you can actually have them do it for you.

If you like, you can use a secret variation of
Roses on a Stage to do an “invisible reading”, and attribute your reading to a crystal ball, auras, spirit guides, direct intuition, clairvoyance, or anything else you like. You can also use this dynamic technique -- secretly or openly -- as an add-on to any other reading system you use.

"Roses on a Stage" is a proper MASTERPIECE... The more I work with it, the stronger, more direct and effective it becomes, as it goes with all things, though what makes "Roses" unique is the speed of its advance in my own toolkit, and for this I couldn't possibly be more grateful. Thank you, C. -- this is absolutely marvelous!!!"
~~ Jerome Finley

The Roses on a Stage system can be as simple or as complicated as you like. If you like, you can employ your intuition to interpret the symbols, or you can add as many left-brain/logical elements to it as you like (including Tarot, numerology, color symbolism, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: While this is a different system than the Rose Petal System developed by Neal Scryer and Docc Hilford, you could easily use both systems in your work -- promote your Rose Petal readings with public Rose on a Stage appearances, or vice versa.

Inside The Book

Inside the Roses on a Stage ebook, you will find everything you need to incorporate this amazingly flexible system into your repertoire.

Here's a partial listing of the contents:

Part One:

•  The Opening Ritual
•  The Basic Formula
•  Interpreting the roses
•  Why does it work?

Part Two:

•  Variations on the readings
•  Variations in style
•  Variations in execution
•  Variations in operator
•  Variations in trickery and subterfuge

Part Three:

•  Variations for the Stage
•  Q&A Version One
•  Q&A Version Two
•  Q&A Version 3
•  Q&A Version 3.5
•  Q&A Version 3.25 (!)

Part Four:

•  Variations on Another Level
•  The Energy of Roses

As you might imagine, I've seen a lot of divination systems come over the transom, and I like this one -- a lot.

And if you've been looking for something that will set you apart from the rest of the pack, I think you will, too.

Order Your Copy of ROSES ON A STAGE Now

Roses on a Stage

Price Only: $37.00

But wait -- be sure to check out the deal below...

C. Dayton's Yes/No+

To get a good description of Yes/No+ I can think of no better source than C. Dayton himself. Here's what he writes in the Introduction:

"This system answered a need that, with one exception, I had never seen in print. I wanted a method to use in conjunction with my bone reading system that was able to answer "Yes" and "No" questions, without necessarily having to end the conversation of the reading.

Of course, you could just make up an answer. That’s not what I do. You could call it an aesthetic choice, or accuse me of being a ‘shut eye’ (which is slightly nicer than saying I buy my own B.S.), but for whatever reason, when I do a reading, I really do a reading. It’s easier that way, anyways. You don’t have to guess what the “right answer” is, or try really hard to make your reading look like a reading -- just do a reading.

The next part of the issue is that, while I do believe in readings, I don’t believe in straightforward Yes/No answers; at least – and especially – in regards to big issues that are important to my clients.

'Will XYZ happen?'

Well, maybe. If this is something important to my client and I say yes or no, where do we go from there? I may well have just left them feeling depressed and un-empowered, or over-confident and lazy.

I wanted, and now have, a method of giving a yes or a no answer to straight-forward yes/no questions that actually opens up a conversation and leads to a full reading and analysis of the situation.

Not only that, I have a reading system that can prescribe spiritual solutions to issues that clients are having, either to ease and eliminate negative conditions, or to accentuate positive ones. This last is strong work and certainly not appropriate for all readers, or all clients, but it’s offered here if it calls to you.

I have a powerful reading system, which I call Yes/No+, and now, so do you. I really hope that you enjoy this little offering. It is, in many ways, an adjunct and compliment to my bone reading system, but it can be used in conjunction with any other reading system or stand very strong on its own."

All That... And Much More

If C. Dayton had stopped there, Yes/No+ would have been an invaluable addition to every working reader's tool kit.

But, he didn't stop. Instead, he went on to include a practical guide that covers a list of topics that will allow you to offer a wide variety of folk magic spells and prescriptions to those clients whose belief systems require that they take an active role in addressing Life's challenging situations.

In all honesty, I'm not sure how many "mentalists who also do readings" will want to venture into this territory, and that's fine. To each his own -- as John Lennon said, "Whatever gets you through the night".

But if you've ever wanted to add that "something extra" to your list of services, and didn't because you didn't know where to start, or it looked too complicated, Yes/No+ is the book for you. There's no mumbo-jumbo here -- just straight-forward, practical information that will help you get started immediately.

And, if you're not interested in offering these special services to your paying customers, but would like to know enough about the subject to carry on an intelligent conversation on the subject, I would also highly recommend Yes/No+ to you. The information contained in this 68-page ebook will bring you up to speed quickly
on spells, prescriptions, prayers, affirmations, baths, candles, mojo bags, incense, and how to correctly invoke spiritual beings.

Here's a partial listing of the contents of Yes/No+ :

•  Basics
•  A couple of visual examples
•  Another Layer
•  More visual examples
•  A Few More Layers
•  Doing a reading
•  Ritual
•  The Questions
•  The Answers
•  Speaking  to Spirits
•  Magick and Spells
•  Prescribing Spells and Work
•  Doing Magick
•  Prayers and Affirmations
•  Baths
•  Cleansing  Bath
•  Spiritual  Development  Bath
•  Candles
•  Colors
•  Incense
•  Powders
•  Two-Part Spells
•  Multi-Part Spells
•  The Sugar Box Spell
•  Protection
•  Mojo Bags
•  Taking Yes/No+ a step further
•  Appendix: Invoking Spirits

This is unlike any other book The Pro Shop has offered to date, and because we like to offer a full range of information products to the working professional, we're pleased to be able to add Yes/No+ to the Pro Shop catalog.

"This is some really excellent work... simple, straight forward and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it.
~~ Jerome Finley

Order Your Copy of YES/NO+ Now


Price Only: $37.00

But wait -- here's the best deal of all:

You can pick up both of C. Dayton's books -- Roses on a Stage and Yes/No+ -- for only $67.

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The C. Dayton Bundle

Price Only: $67.00


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