One of John's Spirit Cards

Spirit Cards

by John Wellington Wells

How One Professional Reader Has Set Himself Apart From The Rest of the Pack... And How You Can, Too.

I've always been fascinated by readers and psychic consultants who are able to develop their own style, oracle, and mythology; without fail, it sets them apart from the stereotypical reader with a deck of Tarot cards, and it goes without saying that they are remembered by even the most casual of customers.

A case in point is a woman in my area who has been working professionally for more than 20 years. She is, technically, a channeler, but her public appearances have all the characteristics of the traditional Q&A act -- people ask questions, and she answers them. One of the intriguing aspects of her presentation, however, is where she gains her insights -- her method is to go into a trance and contact her spirit guide... who happens to be an extraterrestrial who at one time walked this earth as a 9th century knight. Not to belabor the point, but she's been working... professionally... for more than 20 years.

The question each of us must ask ourselves is this: "How do I distinguish myself from every other reader out there?"

The Answer

Readings with Spirit Cards is a guide to constructing and using a special pack of cards for giving readings. It is intended as a set of guidelines and suggestions to open up your own creativity more so than a set of rigid instructions; think of it as a recipe for more powerful readings. Like any good recipe, every creative reader will be able to recognize the flexibility and modify it to suit their own individual taste, which, in my mind, is the sign of a good system. And you never know -- you may find that you, too, have a 9th century extraterrestrial spirit guide.

While the seasoned reader will note that many of the ideas have been in circulation for a while, that's kind of like saying that all the components of the light bulb existed long before Thomas Edison had his bright idea. John has combined them into a very effective oracle with an emphasis on the art of Hoodoo that has great potential.

"What reader wouldn't want a truly one-of-a-kind pack of cards
that could speak to them from the spirit world?"


As John states in the book's introduction, "Use this information carefully, guard it well, and you will be rewarded."

A Spirit Pack Is Born...

Because John teaches you how to create your own personal pack of Spirit Cards, it will become a natural extension of you and your unique style. I think it's safe to say that no two packs of Spirit Cards will be the same.

What will your clients see? Regardless of how detailed you want to get, they will see you delivering readings with a unique set of cards that no other reader has, covered with signs, sigils and symbols that may (or may not, depending on you) have been communicated to you by forces beyond our ordinary world.

Hidden in plain sight, of course, within the fascinating signs and symbols is the secret (but easy to use) cue system that makes it a snap to deliver a reading easily for each card. John shares his own personal background and interest in the art of Hoodoo, as well as the process by which he developed the Spirit Card system. Also revealed is the mnemonic cue system he uses, plus other components that you may want to use while creating your own unique set of Spirit Cards.

The Real Key

While closely following the instructions contained in Readings with Spirit Cards will provide you with a custom-made set of cards with which you will be able to deliver powerfully meaningful readings, the real key lies in the perception your clients walk away from the table with. Understand that many of your clients have had Tarot, palmistry, numerological and a host of other types of readings before they even meet you. While these are all viable systems (which I use to this day), it goes without saying that the reading that will stick in the mind of the client is the one that they have not seen before. Hence, the Spirit Cards.

Here's what Richard Webster has said about the Spirit Cards:

"...I'm delighted you're publishing Readings with Spirit Cards. When John first sent it to me several months ago I immediately made up a set of cards, and have had a great deal of fun with them. People love the designs on the cards, and have no idea they're receiving a card reading."

Did you catch that last bit? "...People... have no idea they're receiving a card reading" -- the one-of-a-kind symbols and signs displayed on each Spirit Card seem to move the reading into another realm well beyond that of the typical reading.

There is a lot of information in this book, including...

• How to make your own unique set of Spirit Cards

• The complete code system

• Two methods of tying your Spirit Cards to the Tarot system

• The reading procedure

• The perfect spread to use

• The Face Cards

• Giving readings with the Spirit Cards

• Alternate realities

• A sample reading

In addition, John talks about how to present yourself as a reader, why you don't necessarily have to get 'hits' (although you most certainly will, of course), and -- perhaps most importantly, the power of both the Spirit Cards and you, the reader.

A fun and clever system for sure... I especially liked his ideas concerning the Elian script stuff. Hoodoo certainly is catching on these days (again) and this book is a valuable addition to installing the 'old age' as opposed to the 'new age' folk magic into the world of cold reading.

~~ Larry B.

A Cartomancer's Chapbook

Readings with Spirit Cards assumes that you are a somewhat experienced card reader. For those who are not, however, a basic introduction to cartomancy is provided. The section titled, "A Cartomancer's Chapbook", includes everything needed for you to give a complete reading with not just the Spirit Cards, but any cards you might care to use. Here are some of the topics covered:

• Why give readings?

• Why cards?

• Why/how readings work

• The Suits

• The Court Cards

• The ten numbers

• The spread

• Forming a narrative

• How to give a good reading

• Your two most important tools

• Interpreting the cards

• The Full Deck of Fifty-two: Mode and Meaning

• About intuition

And as if all of that weren't enough...

Special Bonus Report: The Conjure Man's Seeing Stones

While developing the Spirit Cards reading technology, John tried several alternative possibilities. As noted above, one of the strengths of the Spirit Cards system is its flexibility, and the Conjure Man's Seeing Stones are an excellent example of that flexibility.

In this special bonus report, John outlines what has become his favorite application of the Spirit Cards system -- lithomancy (readings with small stones) -- and shares how he uses his set of thirteen stones in such a way that they work as a full deck of 52 cards in the context of a reading.

In effect, with the addition of this special report, you are actually getting TWO reading oracles that could very well be used in conjunction with each other for full-length (i.e., higher-priced) readings, PLUS the insight and experience of a seasoned professional.

The Bottom Line

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