The Total Tarot
Business Bundle

OK, so it's a somewhat corny name, but try as I might, I haven't been able to come up with a name that is more descriptive.

And after you've taken a look at what's included in the Total Tarot Business Bundle (or, "T2B2"), I think you'll agree.

Here's what's included:

• "Learn The Tarot in 3 Simple Steps" - This is a BOR pitch book that you can use in many ways to maximize your revenue opportunities. What I really like about this compact book is that it actually delivers what is promised in its title -- your customers could actually learn how to read the Tarot after reading this book.

Naturally, we customize your digital master copy so that your name appears on the cover, as well as your photo and bio on the "About The Author" page. With this digital master copy, you can print out as many of these as you want -- as I've said elsewhere on this site, it's almost like printing money. There are so many ways to use a BOR item like this, I've actually put together a concise manuscript called...

• "18 Tested & Proven Ways To Increase Your Income with Back-of-the-Room Sales" - No need to describe the contents of this, since the title is pretty self-explanatory.

• "Wisdom of the Tarot Tick Sheets" - I've designed three seperate handouts that you can use in a variety of ways -- one of which doesn't even involve a deck of Tarot cards and is perfect for impromptu and walkaround presentations.

Like the BOR book, each tick sheet is customized with all of your contact information, making it easy for people to get back in touch with you. Each tick sheet contains a full set of cues for each of the 78 Tarot cards, making the task of delivering a meaningful, accurate AND legitimate reading a snap. One of the tick sheet designs actually has an advertisement for the BOR book on it, maximizing your opportunities for potential revenue.

• "Tarot Workshop Instructor's Guide" - These are the exact same notes I use when I present Tarot workshops, both privately and to the general public. [PLEASE NOTE: This is your personal copy, and is not for resale to your customers.]

This 48-page guide contains a much-expanded version of the BOR book described above, but in a format that allows you to add your own notes (which you will no doubt develop as you begin to present these workshops). In addition, it includes a section that contains interpretations of the 78 Tarot cards that I've developed over a twenty-year period of time, giving you plenty of food for thought which you can apply to your own readings.

Presenting workshops to the public pays off in so many ways, including increased revenues, credibility and referral business -- not to mention that teaching the Tarot is a great way learn even more about the ancient art. And, yes -- workshops are a great place to sell your pitch books. Included in the guide is the actual script I use for the...

• "Guided Tarot Meditation" - I end every Tarot workshop with this incredibly powerful guided meditation, and it's one of the aspects of my workshops that people love and talk about long after the workshop is over. The meditation has other applications as well, including using it in the context of a full-length private reading to help your client manifest their goals and dreams.

Each of these components of the T2B2 is time- and field-tested, and come from my own personal collection. And while they can be used independently of each other, they work especially well together in a number of variations.

Imagine being able to impress a potential booker with a Tarot reading any time, any place (using one of the tick sheets supplied with the T2B2), and leaving all of your contact information in their hands.

As a result, imagine further that as a result of this powerful reading, you're booked to present the Tarot Workshop, which can be customized to be anything from a two-hour workshop to a full-day "Tarot Intensive" to a series of weekly sessions. At the end of the workshop, the attendees will want something to help them remember everything you talked about in the workshop, and this requirement is neatly fulfilled with the BOR book -- which also puts your contact information into the hands of many people.

It probably goes without saying that Tarot workshops are a great source of referrals for private readings, so if you manage it properly, a single workshop can become a multi-faceted vehicle for continuous revenue. And to think, this example started with a single tick sheet that costs -- literally -- a few pennies.

Here's how these components would be priced if you purchased them separately:

• "Learn The Tarot" Pitch Book:
• Three Tarot Tick Sheet Templates:
• Tarot Workshop Guide:
• Special "18 Ways..." Report:

However, the price for the T2B2 is $97 -- not the cheapest thing you'll buy this year, but not the most expensive, either, by a long shot.

Considering the fact that it's pretty much a complete business package unto itself, $97 is ridiculously low. Not that some people won't protest the price nonetheless, but that's another story altogether. To be honest, I'm not trying to sell a lot of these, and I'm hoping the price will help to seperate the pros from the merely curious.

If you're familiar with the other products in the Pro Shop BOR pitch book line, you know they're all top-quality items and worth WAY more to the working professional than what I charge for them... which makes the T2B2 package worth WAY more than what I charge for the other BOR products.

Quite seriously -- and I'm speaking from experience here -- the revenue you can realize through the use of the T2B2 can make a HUGE difference in your monthly and yearly income.

Obviously, not everyone will want to take advantage of the highly profitable workshop niche, but if you've even just been thinking about adding this revenue stream to your arsenal of offerings, you'll want to order the T2B2 right now.

To order the Total Tarot Business Bundle
for $97 right now, simply click here:

Ordering Information

1) To order, simply click on the "Add To Cart" button above.
2) You'll be transferred to the PayPal credit card processing website and asked for your name, credit card, email and phone information.
3) When you click on the "Submit" button, your credit card account will be charged.
4) When PayPal notifies me of your payment, I'll email you for your customization information (bio, photo, contact info).
5) Depending on the timing of the transaction (weekday vs. weekend, for example), I am usually able to send you your customized book within 24 - 48 hours, and sometimes even less than that.

6) This product is ONLY available as a customized master. Please don't ask for blank or open/unlocked copies of the source documents in Word or Publisher format -- I provide you with a finished product... period.
If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email me.

I promise you -- you won't regret taking this simple step!

P.S. Be sure to sign up for The Pro Shop newsletter (if you haven't already). It's my exclusive newsletter that is filled with tips and ideas for increasing your income, PLUS lots of free stuff that you will be able to use instantly to bring even more success into your professional life.

The Fine Print

This offer is for a single digital MASTER copy of the items ordered, with the exception of "TAROT Workshop Instructor's Guide", "T2B2 Owner's Guide" and the "18 Ways..." report. Your purchase gives you the right to print and sell as many copies of the pitch book and tick sheet products under your own name as you like, but it does NOT give you the right to sell, trade or give the master reprint rights to anyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: These publications are complete and professionally-produced products, using high-end publishing software. Please do not ask for a copy in Microsoft Word or other text-based formats.


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