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by C. Dayton

Two complete reading systems for readers looking to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd

Two Complete Systems in One Book

If you are one of the people who loved C. Dayton's innovative "Roses on a Stage" and "Yes/No+", I think you're really going to appreciate the Pro Shop re-release of "Two Thoughts". Originally released privately to a select few in 2011, the newly-updated and expanded "Two Thoughts" highlights the unique and creative approach to the process of presenting readings we've come to expect from the mind of C. Dayton.

Contained within the 54 pages of "Two Thoughts", you'll find two complete systems that can be used separately or together: "AD&D QA: Question Answering with Platonic Solids" and "Sortilicious: A System of Sortilege".

AD&D QA: Question Answering with Platonic Solids

As C. Dayton writes in his introduction to this section of "Two Thoughts"...

"This system will enable you to quickly give an answer to any question, explain almost any situation, and/or give a detailed analysis of the components of the situation and/or your sitter.

The whole system can be carried in your pocket and is, I think, very nice looking. You probably won’t see many other people using it, so that might be a selling point."

One thing I've learned while working with C. Dayton is that he can often be modest to a fault. To say that the fact that you won't see many other people using the AD&D QA system "might be a selling point" is, in my estimation, a serious understatement. If you've worked many psychic fairs, you know that you have to bring something to the party to distinguish yourself from all the Tarot readers in long flowing dresses. 

Included in AD&D QA is an explanation of what Platonic Solids are and how, combined with basic numerology and some very special dice you can easily find locally or online, a very detailed reading can be presented with amazing accuracy to your clients.  Using beautiful color photographs, C. Dayton shares his favorite casting surface, the basic system, three variations (including one that owners of Enrique Enriquez' "Invisible Tarot" will certainly appreciate) and images of sample castings.

Sortilicious: A System of Sortilege

Sortilicious is sort of like AD&D QA on steroids, and takes the basic concept to the next level, and into the realm of hoodoo work. C. Dayton again describes the necessary components for the Sortilicious system and illustrates with color photographs the stunning set he uses in his professional practice. The beauty of the Sortilicious system is that it is easily personalized to fit whatever persona you choose to project:

"Sortilicious can easily be adapted to the look you like. My set is made up of knick-knacks and coins I found around the house. You can make your set New-Agey with polished semi-precious stones, folk-magicish with roots, rocks and curios, or a bizarrist could make a Lovecraftian set with green stones and aged metal talismans."

As with AD&D QA, there is detailed information on how to present the reading, including C. Dayton's favorite presentation, ideas on how an easy ritual can enhance the client's experience, and even an impromptu version for those occasions you find yourself without your Sortilicious set.

But wait... there's more

As if the two systems contained in this book weren't enough by giving you a very visual and intriguing approach that your clients are certain to find fascinating, the expanded Pro Shop edition of "Two Thoughts" contains three additional sections that cover pendulum work within the context of readings, C. Dayton's personal application of numerology, and a selection of pendulum charts taken directly from the Pro Shop's "Akashic Pendulum Readings" offering.

Long-time Pro Shop customers know that I try to avoid hyperbole whenever possible, so when I say that C. Dayton is one of the new breed of thinkers, you know that I'm not just saying that to increase sales. If you don't believe me, consider what Richard Webster told me after he'd read C. Dayton's "Yes/No+":

"It's an excellent book, and he writes very well. He's a great new talent, and I hope you can get him to write more for you. Readers today are spoiled for choice, but "Yes/No" is essential reading for any reader. Thank you for publishing it."

I value Richard's judgement greatly, and not just because he's a living legend in the world of readers and mentalists. Unlike many writers, he's been actively presenting for many decades, and I owe a great deal to his contributions to our community.

To summarize, "Two Thoughts" provides you with all the information you'll need to start using C. Dayton's compelling thinking to offer a very unique reading experience for your clients. If you're serious about staying current with what the rest of the contemporary reader's community is doing, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of "Two Thoughts".

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