A Tribute to Robert A. Nelson

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Here's a sample of things to come ("Visions of Tomorrow", if you will). As the numbers of images increase, I'll switch over to a thumbnail gallery to help ease the download time.

Photo on left circa 1937.


The Alla Rageh Show in 1922

"Turning back the years, News Photo shows the Alla Rageh & co., playing a 2-week engagement at the Lyric Theatre, Cincinnati. Brother Loel did the stage work, while R.A. Nelson managed. The attraction was operated fourteen years by the Brothers Nelson."
Korda RaMayne Theatre Show Display

"Theatre front layout at Benton Harbor, Michigan, as used by Bob Nelson when appearing as Dr. Korda RaMayne. Considerable contrast will be found between the two photos (i.e. the Alla Rageh photo to the left), which indicate span of more than 22 years.
The Modern Blindfold Drive performed by Alla Rageh.

"Robert A. Nelson as Dr. Korda RaMayne, Radio's Voice of Destiny Program, at WJR, The Good Will Station, Detroit. Over 100,000 listener letters are shown in the accompanying photograph. Mr. Nelson conducted his radio series over a period of 7 years and was heard over many of the Nation's leading radio stations."

"Press photo of spectators witnessing Bob Nelson's presentation of the Enchanted Talking Teakettle at Kaufman's Department Store, Pittsburgh. Note the startled expression on the girl listening to the voice from the kettle."

"Photo shows Bob Nelson as 'Dr. Korda RaMayne' presenting his daily 'Voice of Destiny' program over WTVN-TV. Program consists of personal counsel and astrological readings. Program was presented daily for 8 weeks."
Nelson Enterprises Storefront

336 South High Street, Columbus, OH

"Nelson's Egyptian Theatre, looking from the rear of the auditorium. Here 60 people can be seated comfortably. Stage is fully equipped with footlights, overhead and side floor lights, draw curtains, etc. Magic and mental tricks are demonstrated here. Theatre serves as meeting place of the Magic Hobby Lobby Club of Ohio and other magical groups."

"PRIVATE OFFICE OF THE NELSON ENTERPRISES. Partial view of the private office, and the beautiful magic mural, which depicts the wide ramifications of our business. This work of art was designed by Nelson Hahne, and executed by Robert Pool. It is 9-1/2 feet high and 16-1/2 feet wide. In this office all transactions are strictly private."

"SECRETARY'S OFFICE AND WAITING ROOM. Offices, magic shop, store, wood and machine shop, ware rooms, and theatre are all located in our own building, on the Main Drag - downtown Columbus. Address is 336 South High Street."

"MODERN, UP-TO-MINUTE PRINTING DEPT. Several hundred thousand astrological readings, books and pieces of literature flow from these automatic printing presses each year. Equipment of this kind, plus quantity orders enables us to offer the better quality printed forms and books at very low prices."

"Partial view of our stock and horoscope room. Inventory of horoscopes and astrological readings exceeds one hundred fifty thousand at any time. Shipping department is off to the right. Stocks are always kept at a high level. A routine visit will convince you that we are better qualified to meet your requirements. Do come and see us!"

"The wood and metal shop, where many Nelson magic and mental products are turned out. It is completely equipped with the latest and best modern machinery for all types of work. Special effects and repair work are a part of this department. Paint spraying department is in the basement."

a presentation
218 Malletts Bay Avenue. • PO Box 807 • Colchester, VT 05446