A Tribute to Robert A. Nelson

Spook Shows

According to Mark Walker's "Ghostmasters", Robert Nelson was first approached in the mid-1930s by veteran spook show entrepreneur Greystoke, who asked Nelson to form a partnership with him and take a second spook show on the road. Due to other obligations at the time, Nelson declined, but within a couple of years couldn't resist the lure of the lucrative spook show business.

Starting with the London Ghost Show (featuring brother Larry), Nelson toured for three years prior to World War II. When Larry headed for Hollywood, Bob regrouped and presented "Bob Nelson and His Ghost Friends Present a Night of Terror."

October 28, 1947 proved to be an historic date when Bob Nelson presented the first spook show broadcast over the radio waves to a nation who had tuned in to the Gulf Oil Company's weekly program, "We The People." Although the audience in the New York theatre numbered 2,800, the radio audience was estimated to be 12 million, making it the largest audience for a ghost show ever.

A full description of the Nelson ghost shows can be found in his book, "The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets."

Mid-night Spook Show

"...'in action', playing the leading theatre circuits..."

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