A Tribute to Robert A. Nelson


From Nelson Enterprises Catalog Number 26: "Photo of spectator listening to the World Famous Enchanted Talking Teakettle. Picture reprinted from Linking Ring Magazine."

Nelson Books

As of this writing, I only know of three major sources for Nelson material:

Micky Hades - Bob sold the publishing rights to most of his books and manuscripts to Micky Hades before his death in 1973, many of which are still available.

H&R Books - This is an off-and-on source for both original Nelson books and the Micky Hades publications.

Ebay - The sale of Nelson material on Ebay seems to run in phases, but you can find some real gems if you wait long enough.


Other Resources

Diego Domingo - As stated elsewhere on this site, I am indebted to Diego for his generous help with my Nelson research. If you would like to contact him directly, he may be reached by regular mail at P.O. Box 1463, Studio City, CA 91614-0463, or by email at

The Nelson Ultra Perfect Clipboard - For those magicians and mentalists who are looking for a quality reproduction of the Nelson UPC, be sure to check out -- now if only someone would offer a World Famous Enchanted Talking Teakettle...

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